10 Best Rolling Papers for Beginners

Many people don't know where to start when choosing rolling papers. When it comes to weed, thinner papers are king. The more light-weight, the better.

Mary Millus/Green Rush Daily

Rolling Papers

Many people don’t know where to start when choosing rolling papers. When it comes to weed, thinner papers are king. The more light-weight, the better. Some companies like Zig Zag, bleach their papers. Exposure to bleach and other chemicals can increase one’s risk for cancer. Other companies include chemicals like chlorine or calcium carbonate to make papers burn slower.

Heavier papers may contain additives to strengthen them and prevent tearing. However, in our opinion, you’re better off ripping a few pieces of paper than increasing your risk for cancer. It’s also worth noting, thinner papers burn slower than thicker ones. And, with less paper you’ll taste more of your weed. So, there’s really no need for the thickness of traditional rolling papers. Leave those to the cigarette smokers.

10. Shine 24k Gold Rolling Papers

If it wasn’t for the hefty price, Shine papers would probably be on the top of our list. Even so, the price is not for nothing. Moreover, you’re paying for 24k Gold and quality materials. Shine starts off with a safe to smoke, hemp based rolling paper. Then, covers it in food grade 24k gold leaf. The thought of metal in your smoke is frightening but after trying it we found the papers were smoother than most regular smoking papers. Are Shine papers worth $10 a sheet? Probably not. Maybe get a pack when you feel like balling out.

9. Hempire

Hempire are made from 100% all organic hemp. They are also ultra thin and use natural gums for adhesive. In addition, this isn’t one of those papers that will fall apart as you ash it. Finally, Hempire papers offer a clean even burn without any harmful additives.

8. Bambu Pure Hemp

Bambu is a paper company that’s been around since the 1700s. They originally printed bible papers but switched their focus to cigarette papers after tobacco gained popularity. Now, they have papers made of pure hemp that are perfect for rolling joints.

7. Cheech and Chong Unbleached Papers

Cheech and Chong is a name stoners can trust. Their papers are no different. Unlike other companies who bleach their papers, all Cheech and Chong papers come unbleached. The packs come in 12 different designs, featuring pictures of the iconic duo.

6. Unbleached OCB Slim

Unbleached OCB’s are chemical-free. The virgin paper is gummed with natural acacia gum. OCB virgin is one of the thinnest, lightest, softest, most transparent papers on the market.

5. Bob Marley

These papers have become almost as legendary as their name. Bob Marley cigarette papers are made with 100% hemp paper. Finally, the packs feature quotes and lyrics by the legend himself.

4. Randy’s Hemp Papers

Randy’s Hemp Papers were designed with the conservative stoner in mind. Unlike other papers, these all natural pure hemp papers come lined with a wire. Furthermore, the wire can be held so you can smoke a clip to its end without burning your fingers. Again, if you’re concerned about smoking metals, we confirmed that the wire is safe. In fact, it’s made of stainless steel which does not burn when heated. Finally, the wire even stays cool enough to touch the whole way through.

3. DLX

DLX is from the makers of Elements and Raws: two of the biggest names in the rolling paper game. These new premium papers are made with natural ingredients and gummed with natural vegan Acacia. DLX papers are thin and they have a slow, even burn.

2. Elements

Elements are made with ultra thin rice paper and sugar gum. You can barely taste the paper. Instead, your tastebuds can focus on the flavour of those terpy flowers. Most users find Elements easy to roll with. As a bonus, Element packs are one of the only ones to have a magnet seal.

1. Raw

Finally, the choice rolling paper of most weed smokers, RAW. They are vegan papers that provide cannabis smokers with a refined smoke. No chemicals or animal based glutens will be found in these papers. They are super thin and easy to see through. If you assumed they’d burn slow because of this, you’re wrong. RAWs actually burn relatively slowly but don’t just take it from us. See for yourself.

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