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6 Ways To Consume Cannabis Without Smoking It

Keep Your Lungs Happy With These 5 Smoke-Free Ways To Use Cannabis


6 Ways To Consume Cannabis Without Smoking It

The fast-expanding marijuana market offers many reliable smoking alternatives. Keep your lungs healthy with these 6 smoke-free ways to consume cannabis.


6 Ways To Consume Cannabis Without Smoking It - Suppositories

Yes, it’s true! Cannabis innovators have been turning heads with various cannabis suppositories designed for direct insertion into the vagina.

Marketed exclusively for women, cannabis suppositories help reduce the painful symptoms of menstruation. Other users report increased sexual sensation by using cannabis topicals on and around their sensitive parts.


6 Ways To Consume Cannabis Without Smoking It - Vaping

Sure, vaping is probably the best option for inhaling cannabis. Instead of harsh smoke that contains burnt plant matter and harmful tars, vaping suspends THC and CBD in water vapor. That’s because the active components in cannabis burn at a much lower temperature than the organic plant matter. Still, vaping doesn’t always eliminate the smoke completely. And for people with delicate lungs, pulling on a vaporizer is still less than ideal. Dabbing, on the other hand, takes vaping to a new extreme. Instead of vaporizing cannabis flower, dabbing involves vaporizing a cannabis concentrate. Since these concentrates can reach otherworldly levels of THC potency, dabbing is one way to get as high as you can possibly get.


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