What is a Dab Rig and How Does it Work?

A Dab rig is a water pipe or bong that comes with a male end joint and a dome. Used for dabbing high-quality concentrates like shatter or live resin.

Mary Millus/Green Rush Daily

Dab Rig 101

Dabbing has changed the way we consume marijuana forever. No longer do you need to grind up, roll up, and smoke an entire joint to get your desired high. One hit of this concentrated cannabis will have you feel like you skipped straight to the end of the smoke session. The best way to utilize cannabis concentrates is through a dab rig. This process appears complex to some, but it’s quite simple. Once you get used to using a dab rig, you’ll find yourself spending a lot less time getting high and a lot more time being high.

What is a Dab Rig?

A Dab rig is a water pipe or bong that usually comes with a male end joint and a dome. However, any water pipe can be used as a dab rig; you just need a nail that will fit on it.

Some bongs come with several percolators that filter smoke and cool hits. This is less necessary when it comes to dabbing because there’re fewer byproduct and tar created than there is with the combustion of dry herbs.

Just find a percolator that will cool your hits like a recycler. Dabs can be hot, but they can also be lower temperature this depends on your preference.

How A Dab Works

You are technically not smoking when you’re dabbing. The goal is to vaporize your concentrates.

What You’ll need:

  • a water pipe
  • nail
  • blow torch
  • concentrates
  • dab tool

Then you’ll need to season your nail. This will ensure that no residual chemicals remain from when the nail was manufactured.

To season your nail you just blow torch it until it becomes red hot. Then smear concentrates around the nail and allow it to vaporize completely. Finally. Use tongs to dunk the nail into water. Repeat this process several times and you’ll be ready for flavorful dabs.

Finally. Use tongs to dunk the nail into water. Repeat this process several times and you’ll be ready for flavorful dabs.

There are two main ways to dab: Low temperature or high temperature. Each has its set of advantages and disadvantages.

High-Temperature Dabbing

High-temperature dabbing is simple.

  1. You get some concentrate onto your dab tool.
  2. Then torch your nail until it is red hot.
  3. Then drop your concentrate onto the red hot nail—while drawing through the water pipes mouthpiece.
  4. The concentrate will quickly vaporize, and you’ll get it all at once.

Some people enjoy the rush this gives them. However, others feel this method is painful and harsh on the lungs/throat. If you fear high temperatures, you should try out low-temperature dabbing.

Low-Temperature Dabbing

This method is a little more complex, but you will get a more flavorful and less harsh hit. To low temp dab, you’ll need a carb cap unless you’re using a nail and dome.

  1. First, heat your nail until it becomes red hot.
  2. Allow the nail to cool anywhere from 10 to 45 seconds depending on your nail.
  3. Use your dab tool to pick up some concentrate.
  4. While drawing drop the concentrate onto the nail.
  5. After it stops bubbling, cap or place the dome over the nail.
  6. Finally, lift off the cap or dome and take in the built up vapor.

Low-temperature dabs will still get you high AF without making you violently cough. If you’ve got quality concentrates like nug run shatter or live resin, you’ll get the most flavor from low-temperature dabbing.

The Final Hit

Using a Dab Rig is a good way to get high quick without stinking yourself up. If you enjoy the flavors of top shelf cannabis, you’ll enjoy doing low-temperature dabs of high-quality concentrates.

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