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Cannabis Condoms Are A Real Thing

Cannabis Condoms Are A Real Thing


Cannabis Condoms Are A Real Thing

Cannabis Condoms

Cannabis and sex have a long history together, and cannabis condoms may very well be the next step in the evolution of this oh-so-pleasurable combo. The Amsterdam-based cannabis company Cannadom has created what it calls “premium” cannabis flavored condoms.

The company’s website says: “Why not combine the two best things in life—weed and sex.”

“Cannadom condoms have the aroma of marijuana, and are colored green like the plant itself.”

At this point, you’re probably asking yourself the most important question of all: will using one of these condoms get me high?

Here’s what Cannadom has to say: “Green in color, and smells and tastes like the real thing!”

“They are THC-free so unfortunately, no effects are felt.”

So, while these ganja-green condoms will give you the unique, spicy, herbal taste and smell of weed, they apparently won’t give you too much of anything else.

But that might still be OK.

Cannabis Condoms

Stimulating a wide range of senses like taste and smell can play important roles in helping to create mind-blowing sexual experiences.

In fact, one study published by The American Academy of Neurological and Orthopedic Surgeons found that different smells had a noticeable effect on penile blood flow and male sexual arousal.

So giving your next sexual adventure the distinctive odor and flavor of ganja could be a great way to mix it up and create a new sense of stimulation and excitement.

This could become even more powerful if you combine cannabis condoms with actual cannabis.

Marijuana has long been used as an aphrodisiac.

Consuming pot before having sex can help lower inhibitions while also increasing sexual arousal. For many people, that’s the perfect combination for life-changing sex.

And more and more, people are coming up with new ways to harness the sexual potential of cannabis.

Toward the end of 2015, cannapreneur Karyn Wagner began selling her specially designed strain “Sexxpot.” The strain was designed to give users—especially female ones—super pleasurable orgasms.

Similarly, cannabis company Foria has become well known for its cannabis-infused personal lubricant.

The company says that the lube has been designed specifically for women. When it’s applied to the vagina, the lube delivers the perfect dose of THC. This, the company says, increases vaginal blood flow and heightens sexual stimulation.

Some male users have also reported pleasurable experiences with the cannabis-infused lubricant.

So although cannabis condoms might not get you high, they could be one more awesome thing to add to your arsenal of pot-inspired approaches to amazing sex.

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