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A Cannabis Detox Could Be The Next Health Fad

A Cannabis Detox Could Be The Next Health Fad

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A Cannabis Detox Could Be The Next Health Fad

All health nuts know that juicing and detoxing can have beneficial affects on the body. Juicing and detoxes in general help get rid of unwanted toxins that are found in processed food, and therefore in the food that you’re eating. But did you know that a cannabis detox might just be the healthiest form of detox?

Cannabis juicing isn’t just a weird cannabis smoothie. It’s actually an all natural raw vegetable drink that is no different than any of the other vegetable juicing trends.

The facts are extremely simple. By creating juice out of the raw cannabis, you are receiving all of the nutrients, without the “high.” This allows for the detox to remain do-able without the worry that you will constantly be feeling psychological effects.

When you juice cannabis raw, it is shown that you are keeping the THC-A and CBD-A intake, which allows your body to take in all of the natural nutrients that you don’t receive when smoking cannabis.

These nutrients that are found in raw cannabis help boost your immune system, improve bone metabolism, help neural function, and prevent the growth of cancer cells.

The juicing part is actually pretty easy for anyone. Whether or not you are using a juicer or a blender, add raw cannabis to other veggies or fruits and mix. Since you are doing a detox, you should add more fruits and vegetables to make sure that you are not starving during the day.

So, here’s how to start detoxing. First off, understand that detoxes should be started out gradually and should be short at first. Even regular juicing detoxes usually only last from one to three days and are meant for people who are respectively healthy.

The process of cleansing or detoxing takes around one week, including pre-detox and after-detox. Treat your cannabis juicing detox just like any other vegetable detox. There is no difference because in it’s raw form cannabis is one of the healthiest veggies you could find.

The day of your cleanse should therefore consist of 6 cannabis juices, one every two hours. This will ensure that you are getting enough nutrients for the day, while also maintaining energy. For extra energy, try eating a protein, like grilled chicken at night.

With all juices or detoxes, water should be your best friend.

Keep hydrated during your cannabis detox by drinking water before, during, and after every juice. You’ll wake up the day after feeling extremely refreshed and toxin free!

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