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6 Effects Of Eating Raw Weed

6 Effects Of Eating Raw Weed


6 Effects Of Eating Raw Weed

Raw weed is the subject of many articles and arguments circulating about its benefits and/or the waste of time that consuming it provides. This listing will mix it up a bit, breaking it down into 6 things that can happen when you eat it. Then you can decide which side you’re on.

6. It Takes a Loooong Time to Get High

6 Effects Of Eating Raw Weed

Okay so if you are thinking of eating raw weed with the intention of getting high, don’t. Yes, you can experience a similar high from eating weed, but you’re looking at consuming at least a full 1/8 of green before you get where you want to be. Not only is it a waste of money, but it’s a waste of time.

The reason why it takes so much longer is because, with raw weed, it is non-psychoactive. Now the plant can still get you high, but the difference comes when discussing THCa vs. THC. THCa is what is found in raw cannabis.

When this is heated through smoking or vaping, the chemical compound is broken down into an array of compounds that make up the psychoactive THC (and CBD). Inducing this “active” form of cannabinoid acids is known as decarboxylation.

At this point, the largest difference between THCa and THC as far as getting high is once the cannabinoid acids have been activated, you need to consume far less of it to get high than if you ate it raw.


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