Indica Strains To Help Your Mood If You Work A 9 To 5

Working a 9 to 5 is a difficult, especially if your boss or co-workers are less than ideal. Indica strains are closely associated with body highs, that leave you feeling relaxed and lethargic. So after a long days work, kick your feet up and let these indica strains relieve all that office stress.

Obama Kush

Even the leader of the free world needs some help relaxing. This presidential strain of weed is a great example of one of the indica strains. Obama Kush gives the smoker a cerebral jump start and a rush of happiness.

Obama Kush is said by users to instantly cure any plaguing thoughts of stress and immediately promote deep sleep. Medicinally this strain of indica promotes anti- anxiety, anti-stress, and relieves major aches.

White Rhino

The White Rhino strain is a mix White Widow and North America Indica, which perfectly balances a feeling of happiness and a feeling of relaxation. White Rhino is relatively high in THC content as well, which promotes medicinal uses for both aches and headaches.

White Rhino also has a prominent sweet flavor that contrasts it Earthy aroma. The sweet flavor is definitely great for  stress relief after working over time.

Granddaddy Purple

Stress from a hard day’s work can often lead to a lack of appetite or you’re just too plain tired from work to eat. Try Granddaddy Purple, which is an indica high in THC levels that helps to promote appetite.

Even though it is high in THC levels, the beauty and wonderful thing about this strain is that it doesn’t cause anxiety or paranoia. In fact, while still promoting appetite, this strain promotes physical and mental relaxation. This is all while offering the greatest grape and berry tastes.

Blackberry Kush

Working a 9 to 5 means getting up early, or even earlier than some people because of long drives or public commutes. Insomnia can really put a damper on the whole early morning rise, and can ruin your entire work day. If this is you try Blackberry Kush for size.

Blackberry Kush is an indica strain that is specifically famous for it’s body effects and for it’s medicinal use to relieve insomnia. The crystal white nuggets are almost as beautiful as the high that they create. This strain creates an almost immediate cure for insomnia, so definitely try this one is you need to sleep through the night.

Indica strains are the 9 to 5 workers dream come true. Indica helps to create anti-anxiety, anti-stress, and gives the smoker a wonderful sleep, so that the next day they can work those nine hours like a champ.

" Missy Amato : Missy is a Green Rush Daily writer hailing from Jamaica, Queens. She's a slam poet, writer, and cannabis enthusiast/connoisseur.."