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Ganja Gum is Like Dubble Bubble for Adults

Ganja Gum is Like Dubble Bubble For Adults - Green Rush Daily

Medical Marijuana

Ganja Gum is Like Dubble Bubble for Adults

Cannabis Gum

It looks and tastes just like the classic childhood gum, but each piece of Ganja Gum is infused with 10 milligrams of cannabis. “It’s something new to the market. It’s good. It tastes and smells just like bubblegum,” Ganja Gum co-owner Diane Van Os told reporters recently. “You can blow bubbles .”

Ganja Gum was invented by one of Van Os’s friends while her father was battling cancer.

Cannabis helped him manage the aggressive cancer treatments he was receiving, but he didn’t like smoking it, and he also didn’t like the way the full effects of using edibles came on all at once.

Faced with this dilemma, Van Os’s friend decided to see if she could create cannabis-infused chewing gum that would provide her father with a more steady release of the drug.

She eventually figured it out, and now, the gum initially invented to help her father with cancer is an award-winning, commercially retailed marijuana edible.

Ganja Gum

And just as in its earliest days, the chewy new pot product is marketing itself as the perfect way to deliver precise doses of medicinal cannabis.

“It’s hard to overdose or get so high that you’re not functioning,” Van Os said.

Currently, the gum is available in the classic pink bubblegum flavor, but Van Os said she hopes to release new watermelon and apple flavors shortly.

According to some online sources, it appears that Ganja Gum was originally manufactured in Humboldt County, California by the marijuana company Cannabis Comforts.

However, it seems that Ganja Gum has now broken away from Cannabis Comforts and is now setting out on its own.

In an Instagram post published by Ganja Gum on February 17, the company said: “Ganja Gum is sad to say but we are branching off of cannabis comforts and Ganja Gum will be it’s own.” Since that time, Van Os has applied to set up shop as a medical marijuana manufacturer in Aspen, Colorado. Commissioners in the well-known mountain town are scheduled to hold a public hearing on her application this week.

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