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How to Qualify for Medical Marijuana in California

How to Qualify for Medical Marijuana in California


How to Qualify for Medical Marijuana in California

Do you qualify for Medical Marijuana in California?

In 1996, California voters passed Proposition 215, which made California the first state in the United States to allow for the medical use of marijuana. The California Department of Health (CDPH) administers the Medical Marijuana Identification Card Program (MMICP).

We go into detail about the Medical Marijuana laws in California and show you if and how you qualify for medical marijuana in California.

The Medical Marijuana Identification Card Program (MMICP)

The MMICP was established to create a State-authorized medical marijuana identification card, and a registry database for verification of qualified patients and their caregivers. Participation by both patients and caregivers is voluntary. The Medical Marijuana Program registry allows law enforcement to verify the validity of a qualified patient or caregiver and allows cardholders to possess legally, grow, transport, and use medical marijuana within California state lines.

The California Medical Marijuana Identification Card Program is only available to California residents with certain medical conditions. Medical marijuana products are distributed by State approved dispensaries only. If you believe your medical condition(s) qualifies for a Medical Marijuana card, discuss your symptoms and condition with your doctor.

How to Qualify for Medical Marijuana in California


What conditions qualify for the Medical Marijuana Identification Card Program in California?

Patients in California diagnosed with one or more of the following medical conditions qualify for a Medical Marijuana Identification Card:

Will additional conditions be added to the list of qualifying conditions?

Other chronic or persistent medical symptoms that are not included on the above list, that either limit a person’s ability to conduct one or more of major life activities as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, may qualify for the use of medical marijuana.

Where to find a Medical Marijuana Doctor in CA?

California law requires all medical marijuana physicians to be licensed. Given that CA was the first state to legalize the use of marijuana for medical use, there is a large number of licensed physicians throughout the state. You’ll most likely find a licensed doctor very close to where you’re located.

Where are the legal cannabis dispensaries in California?

 There are legal cannabis dispensaries in more than 50 cities throughout California. There’s a site that will help you located a dispensary near you.

What does my medical card get me at a CA dispensary?

Medical Marijuana Identification Cards are valid for one year and allow the card owner to cultivate, possess and transport up to:

  • eight ounces of dried marijuana
  • six mature marijuana plants
  • 12 immature marijuana plants

Where can you smoke?

 In California, marijuana smoking is permitting in the following areas

  • In a no smoking zone
  • Within 1,000 feet of a school or youth center
  • On school buses
  • In a motor vehicle, including a boat, while being operated

Patients are advised to be discreet when consuming in public.

Are patients and caregivers shielded from discrimination?

Yes. As a primary caregiver, you cannot apply for a Medical Marijuana Identification Card. The patient, the caregiver, cares for is responsible for applying for a Medical Marijuana Identification Card. On the Application Form, there is a checkbox the patient must check if they are applying for both themselves and their caregiver. Both the patient and the caregiver need to be present in person at the county program office when the patient applies because both the patient and caregiver will be photographed for their individual Medical Marijuana Identification Card.

What is the future of the Medical Marijuana Program in CA?

The rules and regulations in California regarding medical marijuana are constantly being revised and updated. You can keep up with all of the changes related to medical marijuana rulemaking, rule changes and other updates regarding the Medical Marijuana Identification Card Program. 

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