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Cannabis Creamery Dishes Up Some Next Level Ice Cream

Cannabis Creamery Dishes Up Some Next Level Ice Cream


Cannabis Creamery Dishes Up Some Next Level Ice Cream

Cannabis Creamery

Cannabis Creamery could very well be making the best summertime desserts in the entire world. That’s because they’re taking ice cream to entirely new “highs” by infusing it with powerful doses of cannabis.

The Sausalito, California-based ice cream company has perfected the art of making pot ice cream. Isaac Lappert is the mastermind behind Cannabis Creamery.

Lappert is an expert ice cream making veteran. His first ice cream company, Lappert’s Ice Cream shop, has already become hugely successful in the Bay Area.

He’s also a bit of a cannabis connoisseur. And now he’s decided to bring the two passions together to create a single, mind-blowing dessert. The end result is Cannabis Creamery.

Cannabis Creamery is technically a non-profit organization. But it doesn’t actually sell the ice cream it makes. You also can’t get it at Lappert’s Ice Cream shop.

Instead, Cannabis Creamery makes cannabis infused ice cream and distributes it to dispensaries where people with medical marijuana cards can buy the sweet weed treats.

The company has really started turning heads throughout the cannabis community.

In 2014 they won the Best Dessert Edible in the Kush Cup. And since they started making cannabis infused ice cream, a handful of other similar companies have started popping up in 420 friendly places throughout the country.

But these guys are the originals.

Cannabis Creamery Dishes Up Some Next Level Ice Cream

How it started

“Way back we were asked by The Grateful Dead to make a ‘special’ flavor for a big party. Now we offer you the chance to taste a little bit of that amazing experience.”

How they do it

To start with, they mix cannabis with grapeseed oil. Once the THC has infused into the oil, it’s added to a mixture of regular ice cream ingredients.

From there, it’s pretty much the standard ice cream making process. And when the entire thing is done, they’ve created a super delicious, super potent cannabis ice cream.

Cannabis Creamery Dishes Up Some Next Level Ice Cream

Each cup of Cannabis Creamery ice cream has 60 milligrams of THC.

“For someone inexperienced with pot, 60 milligrams is a lot,” Lappert said.

Edibles affect different people in a different way. Because THC binds to fat cells, it can affect people differently depending on what they weigh, in the same way alcohol does.”

Because the grapeseed oil carries a strong cannabis taste, Lappert said he usually blends it with other strong ice cream flavors. So far, favorite flavors from the cannabis creamery include things like mint chocolate chip, coffee, and citrus.


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