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WA State University Wants Volunteers To Get High For Study


WA State University Wants Volunteers To Get High For Study

For the sake of science, get high! Researchers at WA State University need volunteers to smoke for a marijuana study. It’s for a good cause, you guys!

The research at WSU hopes to develop a breathalyzer test for field testing of marijuana intoxication. Which is very similar to tests that are used for alcohol.

WA State University Breathalyzer Study

WA State University Wants Volunteers To Get High For Study

This study at WA State University is to develop a breathalyzer test for weed. That’s basically field testing of weed intoxication. Quite like the sobriety tests for alcohol.

According to WSU Professor Emeritus Nicholas Lovrich, doctoral candidate Peyton Nosbusch and City Councilor and research assistant Nathan Weller, this breathalyzer will accurately detect “acute exposure” of marijuana.

Researchers will ask volunteers questions about food, drink and other edibles they have taken before the test. Then they will do exams using blood, breath and oral fluids. These tests will happen at Pullman Regional Hospital, Lovrich.

After the tests, the volunteers will buy weed from a state-licensed store and smoke it in a private residence. Once they reach their highs, they will go back to the hospital to give more fluid samples.

Peyton Nosbusch said that the weed won’t come onto the WA State University campus at any point. So the researchers won’t have any direct contact with it.

There’s an optional step, where then high volunteers can interact with law enforcement volunteers. Here, they will go through standard field sobriety test.

Objectives Of The Study

WA State University Wants Volunteers To Get High For Study

If the study is successful, it’ll help develop a field procedure for the detection of THC. As we know, THC is the active ingredient in marijuana. Simply put, it’s what gets you high.

The study will also help prevent road accidents. And therefore, help avoid loss of life due to driving high.

If the research works and police around the world start using this breathalyzer, WSU administration will consider that a win. In Lovrich’s words, “Wow, that’s a pretty good investment. Maybe we should keep investing in medicines and then tools that people need for workplace and school and roadside safety.” Sounds about right!

Eligibility Criteria

WA State University Wants Volunteers To Get High For Study

The volunteers for the WA State University breathalyzer study have to be 21 or older. 21 is the legal age to consume marijuana in Washington.

Apart from that, they also all need to be Pullman residents. The researchers promise to keep their identities hidden. Also, they will be paid to take part in the study. They’ll get $30 for the first hour and $10 for each hour after that.

If you’re interested in volunteering, you can email Nosbusch at or write to Weller at Or you can reach Weller on his phone at (509) 432-1943.

The study will continue through June 15.

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