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Weed-Infused Granola “Could Bring About World Peace”

Weed-Infused Granola "Could Bring About World Peace" - GREEN RUSH DAILY


Weed-Infused Granola “Could Bring About World Peace”

Is cannabis-infused granola the secret to world peace?

Except for the few remaining dead-end critics and total buzzkills, basically, everyone is in agreement that marijuana should be legal for adults.

Given the recent tide of legalizations across the U.S. and the major cultural shift in attitudes toward cannabis, it’s difficult to recall exactly why so many used to be against it for so long.

One of the more intractable stereotypes, the “hippie stoner,” has rightfully been debunked by the increasingly professional and medical culture of marijuana.

While many more Americans are admitting the medical benefits of cannabis, U.S. culture has been slow to take up the ideas and motivations that surrounded pot culture before the age of legalization.

“I guess the hippies were right about weed all along,” the average American might admit.

But one Vice writer is pointing out how, in our culture, it’s still OK to make fun of cannabis users and dismiss their high-minded ideas out of hand.

Especially the tie-dyed true believers who keep insisting that marijuana not only gets you blazed but “it’s gonna save the world, man.”

David Bienenstock asks the question, “what if the Weed Eater told you that the establishment’s still ongoing 100-year, the trillion-dollar global war against marijuana has been waged not to prevent the species’ supposed harms, but to suppress its benefits?”

“Do the pharmaceutical companies want me to grow my own medicine?”

Of course, those very same hippies did insist on calling medical marijuana a “miracle drug” way back when nobody was listening, and now we know it shows significant efficacy in preventing and treating cancer, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, and a host of other dangerous conditions.

It kind of makes all those dismissive jokes about needing medical marijuana “to get high” seem kind of lame, doesn’t it?

But what about the major threats facing the globe, like reversing climate change, erasing global hunger and alleviating poverty? What about peace and love and equality?

According to many researchers and nutrition experts, the answer to some of those problems (and the sources of many others) may lie in the most unusual of suspects: the might hemp seed.

The totally non-psychoactive varieties of cannabis commonly known as hemp, produce seeds that are the world’s most nutritionally balanced and complete food source.

Hemp may also be the Earth’s oldest cultivated crop. “It would be wryly interesting,” famed astronomer and closeted weed enthusiast Carl Sagan once noted, “if in human history the cultivation of marijuana led to the invention of agriculture, and thereby to civilization.”

So consider, argues Bienenstock for Vice, that hemp can be grown in almost any climate, in poor soil and drought conditions, without the use of fertilizers and pesticides.

Then imagine, Bienstock continues, what would happen if instead of trying to “save the world” by alternating between dropping bombs on the planet’s most destitute and war-torn regions and sending in shipments of relief food and aid supplies to be stolen and fought over, we instead set a goal of helping those communities collectively plant, grow, harvest, process, and distribute a humanitarian cannabis crop of sufficient size to form the cornerstone of a sustainable local economy.

So as we approach a new year full of promise and potential horror, many are realizing that it’s time that we all stop laughing at “dirty-f*cking-hippies” and start asking if marijuana is the key to our survival on this fragile planet!

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