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Cannabis Coffee Cleanses Actually Exist And Will Boost Your Immune System While Flushing Unwanted Toxins

Detox Your Body With A Cannabis Coffee Cleanse - Green Rush Daily


Cannabis Coffee Cleanses Actually Exist And Will Boost Your Immune System While Flushing Unwanted Toxins

Cannabis cleanse?

While smoking cannabis is relatively less harmful compared to tobacco smoke, marijuana smoke still leaves pollutants in your body.

The cannabinoids in pot, THC and CBD, can also linger in your system. What if you want to cleanse your body of these cannabinoids or toxins from everyday living?

The last thing you’d probably think of is turning to is cannabis, but some health experts claim that you should cleanse with the help of the plant.

There are many health food drinks, products, and juices that claim to purify your body of pot.

Cannabis lifestyle curator Kristen Williams, however, insists that cannabis should be incorporated into your system, instead of being flushed out.

In a recipe Kristen shares in her free book, Coming Clean With Cannabis, cannabis chef Chris Kilham reveals his “Ganja Jana G0-Juice,” a cannabis-packed cup of coffee.

The brew flushes out toxins while boosting the body’s endocannabinoid system with an invigorating rush.

The endocannabinoid system is the group of receptors that active when they come in contact with THC and CBD.

Coffee is, after all, a health food, a fact supported by many studies.

Packed with powerful anti-oxidants, coffee aids in digestion and mental alertness.

Chris adds the cannabis to his coffee by way of a sativa-infused milk.

The chef recommends using about a gram of cured cannabis for 32 ounces of coffee.

Chef Chris’s recipe doesn’t decarboxylate the cannabis, a process that converts the THC in the weed to a fat-soluble form.

That would make the coffee deliver a very strong high.

As a cannabis coffee cleanse, you’d ideally want a low-THC percentage in your weed. But in weed-legal states where potency is king, that may be tough to find.

Chef Chris’s recipe actually uses a “standard” 10% THC measurement. But that’s fairly low for even “schwag weed”.

If what you’re looking for is a real red-eye experience, however, bake your cannabis flowers on a backing sheet in a 200 degree oven for forty-five minutes.

That will convert the THC-A in the flowers to THC.

While it may be a bit counterintuitive, cannabis can be an effective detox solution, especially when combined with the health-benefits of coffee.

Have fun experimenting to get the strength of your brew dialed in to “just right.”

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