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Now You Can Make Cannabis Coffee Right In Your Keurig

Now You Can Make Cannabis Coffee Right In Your Keurig


Now You Can Make Cannabis Coffee Right In Your Keurig

As the world of cannabis edibles and drinkables continues to expand, one company is giving an entirely new meaning to the phrase “wake and bake.” BrewBudz is introducing a new line of cannabis coffee. And the best part is that it’s fully compatible with your Keurig coffee maker.

Now you can start your day with the two things you love the most. Coffee and cannabis. And all you have to do is drop in your cannabis coffee pod and sit back and enjoy.

The Cannabis Coffee Details

Now You Can Make Cannabis Coffee Right In Your Keurig

The cannabis company BrewBudz, based in San Diego, California is working to make weed more accessible than ever before. One of the biggest ways they’re doing this is by creating a line of pot-infused drinks.

So far, they seem to be focusing on hot beverages. They’re rolling out a line of products that includes cannabis tea, hot chocolate, and coffee.

But the one that’s getting the most attention is their cannabis coffee. That’s because BrewBudz coffee is designed for ease, potency, and environmental sustainability. Here’s how it works.

BrewBudz coffee is packaged in individual pods that are compatible with a standard Keurig machine. And each one is carefully dosed.

Recreational pods have 10 milligrams of THC. And for medical marijuana patients, there are CBD options. Those range from 25 to 50 milligrams of CBD.

But this cannabis coffee isn’t just easy to make and easy to dose. It’s also environmentally friendly.

BrewBudz coffee pods are made out of biodegradable materials. That means that instead of filling up landfills, they naturally break down.

When you’re done waking and baking or medicating, you can simply toss the pod into your compost. No waste, no hassle. Just tasty and powerful cannabis-infused coffee.

Rolling Out The Product Line

Now You Can Make Cannabis Coffee Right In Your Keurig

According to the company, the coffee pods will start hitting dispensaries in six weed-friendly states. You can expect to see them showing up sometime between now and March.

BrewBudz has a handful of other drinkable products, too. For the coffee side of things, they’ll be selling regular, decaf, French vanilla, and hazelnut.

When it comes to tea, they’ll offer a black tea Breakfast Blend, green tea, and chamomile. And to round it all out they also make a hot cocoa called Decadent Dark Chocolate.

Expanding The World Of Edibles

As cannabis becomes more legal, the world of edibles is blowing up. In 2015, there was $5.4 billion in legal pot sales. And experts said that nearly half of that came from edibles. They also expected to see that number go up.

And it’s not just edibles anymore. As evidenced by BrewBudz, it’s also drinkables. Everything from cannabis soda to beer to hot drinks. The bottom line: in today’s world of cannabis, people have more options than ever before.

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