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These New Cannabis Shots Will Get You Super High, Super Fast

Quigley's New Cannabis Shots Will Get You Super High, Super Fast


These New Cannabis Shots Will Get You Super High, Super Fast


Quigley’s marijuana shots could be the answer to one of the longest-standing dilemmas plaguing the world of edibles. For many pot enthusiasts, the frustrating and sometimes confusing aspect of using edibles is the time lag between when you consume the snack and when it kicks in.

This delay can make it hard for noobies to gauge how much is enough. And for more seasoned potheads accustomed to the quick high of smoking, the wait can sometimes seem to drag on endlessly.

Now a new edible—well, in this case, drinkable—cannabis product claims to have come up with a solution to this problem.

Quigley's New Cannabis Shots Will Get You Super High, Super Fast

Well, known cannabis company Dixie Elixirs has just released its first batch of Quigley’s Cannabis Shot, a two-ounce cannabis-infused “shot” that claims to give drinkers a quick and efficient dose of THC.

“Our fast-acting, long-lasting formula means you’re always just a few seconds away from experiencing the Quigley’s effect,” said the company’s website.

“Unlike most cannabis delivery systems that must first reach the liver, our innovative, patent-pending formula delivers results quickly by being absorbed directly into the soft tissue of the upper digestive tract instead.”

The result of this quick absorption is high that sets in quickly and lasts a long time, according to the company.

Rumors of the new drink have been circulating throughout the cannabis world for a few months now, but with the first shipments of the elixir finally on shelves at a handful of dispensaries in Colorado, the rumors have finally become reality.

The drink was invented by Quigley’s Formula CEO Tony Alfiere as a response to a friend who wanted to use medical marijuana but who didn’t want to smoke.

“It’s something you can take any time,” Alfiere told reporters.

“You don’t smell like you just medicated. Your eyes don’t turn red, and you don’t cough and that kind of things. It removes some of that stigma for a medical patient allowing them to get relief when they need it.”

Before being released to a select number of Colorado dispensaries, including two in Aspen, samples of the drink were given out during the X Games. The product has so far received mostly positive reviews.

The cannabis edibles sector has received significant attention lately, as new statistics and market forecasts have predicted potentially explosive growth in the space.

Last year, edibles accounted for nearly half of all legal cannabis sales, and that number could likely go up.

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