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Spaghetti Donut Is Taking Over The Internet

Spaghetti Donut Is Taking Over The Internet


Spaghetti Donut Is Taking Over The Internet

What’s the perfect thing to go hand in hand with a long smoke-sesh? If you answered spaghetti donut, you are correct! And also quite possibly a psychic. Spaghetti donuts are one of the latest food crazes making rounds on the internet, and it looks like it’s the ideal food to cure a common case of the munchies. It’s almost like one of those weird concoctions you make in the kitchen at 2 A.M. after smoking an enormous bowl of piff, except about 100 times better.

What is the Spaghetti Donut?

Spaghetti Donut Is Taking Over The Internet

The newly-crowned king of bizarre munchie food was created by a company called Pop-Pasta. The New York-based company was looking for a way to further infuse Italian cuisine with classic American culture, and it’s safe to say they struck gold. The spaghetti donut is basically just a handheld slice of spaghetti pie, with the only key difference being that it’s in the shape of a classic donut. Similar to spaghetti pie, it’s combined with egg and cheese, and fried to perfection.

It’s by no means sweet like your typical donut, so it’s a pretty convenient way to eat an actual meal on the go. But much like an actual donut, the spaghetti donut is available in several different flavors. You can get the creative snack in several different classic Italian styles including bolognese, red sauce, carbonara and even Italian Mac- and-Cheese. It’s the perfect way to cure those nagging pasta-cravings, without the whole fork and knife thing.

Where you can find it

Spaghetti Donut Is Taking Over The Internet

You can typically get Pop Pasta donuts catered through their website. However, due to its enormous popularity at the moment, they’re booked for the next 3-4 weeks. Rest assured, there is one single venue you can go to get the innovative snack: they are currently being served at the food market Smorgasburg in Brooklyn, New York.

Being showcased at the elite food haven Smorgasburg bodes well for its future popularity. Smorgasburg has showcased other popular gimmick foods from New York such as the ramen burger and the raindrop cake. It’s open every Saturday on 90 Kent Ave in Williamsburg, so be sure to keep your Saturdays open this spring.

So if you’re not from the area, take a bus. Or a boat. Or a freaking helicopter; because this thing looks like it is definitely worth the trip. I mean spaghetti and donuts, what’s not to love? Just make sure you get super stoned before doing so.

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