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Weed-Infused Whiskey Is The Game-Changer About To Hit Shelves

Weed-Infused Whiskey Is The Game-Changer About To Hit Shelves


Weed-Infused Whiskey Is The Game-Changer About To Hit Shelves

Is your local liquor store about to stock weed-infused whiskey? Here’s how two distilleries are changing the spirits game.

Weed-infused whiskey is about to hit the shelves. Is there anything better than a glass of your favorite whiskey and a joint after work? What if you could enjoy both at the same time? Two distilleries in Colorado and Canada have amped up the whiskey game in a major way. They’ve added our favorite ingredient.

Cannabis and Alcohol

Weed-Infused Whiskey Is The Game-Changer About To Hit Shelves

Last year, we saw the emergence of cannabis-infused wine in California. Even though only local medical card-holders could buy it, it made a splash in the libation world. Melissa Etheridge even endorsed it and designed her own wine line.

While people have been combining alcohol and cannabis since the dawn of time, the two had never been combined in such a way in modern times. In the past few decades, you would have one option. You would have to alternate between sipping a glass of Cabernet and puffing on a pipe. But now with the soaring popularity of cannabis infusions, we have the option of combining alcohol and weed in one convenient package. Or rather, one convenient bottle.

Right now, there are two distilleries who are extending the concept of cannabis alcohol to include whiskey. The Colorado-based Coal Creek Distillery and the Canadian brand Drink Mary Jane’s have officially started to pave the way toward weed-infused whiskey.

There’s one little catch though: neither whiskey line contains THC.

Coal Creek Distillery’s Colorado Small Batch 64 and Mary Jane’s Primo Hemp Whiskey are only infused with hemp. Since hemp is non-psychoactive, you won’t get a double-buzz.

Final Hit: Weed-Infused Whiskey Is Almost Here

Okay, so the weed-infused whiskey is really just hemp-infused whiskey. It’s still an interesting and significant innovation. The alcohol industry is long-standing across the world. The fact that some professionals in the field are considering adding cannabis to their product is an incredible development.

When, and it’s absolutely a matter of “when” and not “if”, alcohol lines begin to sell THC-infused liquor, it could revolutionize the entire world. Alcohol use is widely accepted and encouraged across most cultures. By endorsing any use of cannabis, the alcohol industry will help remove the stigma of consuming weed.

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