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Nestle Opens Fake Dispensary That Sells Chocolate Bars

Nestle Opens Fake Dispensary That Sells Chocolate Bars


Nestle Opens Fake Dispensary That Sells Chocolate Bars


Nestle Opens Fake Dispensary That Sells Chocolate Bars

Nestle opened a fake dispensary in Canada to sell chocolate not infused with weed.

In a move that has confused Canadian cannabis consumers in Toronto, Nestle opens fake dispensary storefront at Kensington Market. Instead of opening a real dispensary where cannabis is set to go federally legal later this year, Nestle opened a fake dispensary that sells chocolate bars with no THC content to potentially medicated Canadians.

If you walk-in expecting cannabis, you’re going to be disappointed. If you’re already high and looking for a candy bar, this shop was literally made for you.

You Won’t Find Weed in this Dispensary-Style Storefront

From the outside and even inside, it looks and feels like a dispensary. There’s even an employee standing at the door. However, they don’t seem to be working security and they aren’t checking ID.

The inside is bright and spacious with a countertop, clear display cases and several shelves against the wall with many jars filled with something green like many upscale dispensaries. Upon closer inspection, the jars are filled with candy bars with green wrapping.

On the outside of the dispensary and the wrappers of the candy bar, it says 4:25. The side of the bar reads “this bar was specifically formulated for the intense hunger that hits 5 minutes after 4:20” and “our dankest ingredients yet.”

Despite the heavy weed-theme, they were transparent with the fact that there was no cannabis content in any of the candy bars. In fact, movie-style posters read “It’s edible. It’s not an edible.”

Nestle Faces Criticism for Appropriating Cannabis Culture

Nestle Opens Fake Dispensary That Sells Chocolate Bars


The fact that Nestle is attempting to profit from cannabis culture without ever supporting legalization or denouncing the raids and arrests continuing to happen has triggered a few locals. Starting with reddit user HereUpNorth, a local to the city who originally posted about the fake dispensary on reddit.

“If Nestle or other big business (and endless political cronies) want to line up and make cash off of pot, they can at least admit putting people in jail for it was stupid and wrong,” says HereUpNorth.

Canada is on track to legalize cannabis federally before the year ends. Despite this, dispensaries in the country are raided regularly including in the area where Nestle opened its pop-up.

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