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Award Winning Chef Adds Marijuana Edibles To Her Menu

Award Winning Chef Adds Marijuana Edibles To Her Menu - GREEN RUSH DAILY


Award Winning Chef Adds Marijuana Edibles To Her Menu

Chicago chef, Mindy Segal, hopes to start distributing her cannabis edibles this February.

Award winning chef, Mindy Segal, is pushing the boundaries when it comes to marijuana edibles. Segal’s Chicago based restaurant, Mindy’s Hot Chocolate, and her cookbook “Cookie Love” have both been very successful, and she hopes to carry this success into her cannabis culinary venture.


Instead of sticking with the traditional weed brownie, Segal plans to launch a line of chocolate brittles, granola bites, and hot chocolate–all laced with a cannabis oil infused butter. She’s using ingredients such as salted toffee, smoked almonds, dark chocolate, graham crackers and caramelized marshmallows to set her sweet treats apart from the rest of the edible products.

Segal decided to try her hand at edibles because she’s hoping to make a difference and she wants to challenge herself. In an interview with The Associated Press, Segal said, “When you’re a chef or you’re a person who is in constant pursuit of excellence, I want to constantly be challenged. I want to constantly pursue excellence.”

Since recreational marijuana is not legal in Illinois, Segal will not be making or selling her edibles in her restaurant. Instead, she is partnering with Cresco Labs, a lab in Joliet that is licensed to cultivate and grow marijuana and to produce edibles. They hope to begin selling the edibles to Illinois residents in February. There is also a possibility of expanding the products into other states where marijuana is legal for both medical and recreational use, such as Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada and Washington.


Segal’s goal with her restaurant has always been to make people happy, and she has that same goal with her edibles. “We’re going to come up recipes that are portioned and dosed properly. So we’re healing, and that’s the whole idea that we’re healing, making people have appetites, not have pain,” Segal said.

Segal anticipates her products will attract people who are knowledgeable about food and want to enjoy the experience of food.

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