Booze, Buds and Comedy at the World’s First Cannabis Coworking Space

Cannabis is making its way into both comedy shows and co-working spaces.

Frank Ieradi/420 Interactive

Legal weed is opening up all sorts of new possibilities and innovative businesses. In many weed-legal cities, cannabis entrepreneurs are constantly coming up with new ideas for how to tap into the legal weed market. The latest cannabis venture: a live comedy show where you can get high at Paragon’s cannabis coworking space.

Eat Yo Veggies

Last night, Los Angeles was home to a potentially pioneering new form of cannabis-related entertainment. The event was a live comedy show with a huge lineup including both performers and budtenders.

On the event website, Eat Yo Veggies billed itself as a night of “the freshest comedy, cannabis, cocktails, music, and good vibes in the heart of Hollywood.”

Tickets to the event included admission to the show, pre-rolled joints, and drinks. Throughout the event, budtenders were on hand with tons of top-shelf product. Additionally, vendors were on hand with free CBD samples.

While hanging out enjoying weed, audience members got to see a solid lineup of performers. This included The Lucas Brothers, who put together a hilarious show built around jokes about twin discrimination.

Frank Ieradi/420 Interactive

The show also included Morgan Jay, who played his guitar and turned banter with the crowd into songs. He also played a song dedicated to his ex-girlfriend, in honor of her marriage last week—to somebody else.

Additionally, the comedy show featured Ashley Barnhill, known for her appearance on Drunk History and other shows. Leonard Ouzts, known for being on Wild ‘N Out, Master of None, and All Def Comedy also performed. There were a handful of other performers rounding out the night.

And throughout it all, people were enjoying legal cannabis. It was a giant—and hilarious—smoke sesh right in the heart of LA.

ParagonSpace, Cannabis Co-Working and So Much More

Eat Yo Veggies was held at ParagonSpace, well known as one of the first-ever co-working space where you’re allowed to smoke weed.

ParagonSpace made headlines when it opened. In particular, it attracted a lot of attention because it allows people working in the space to consume weed in their offices.

But besides that, there isn’t anything explicitly 420-focused in the company’s business model. It doesn’t necessarily cater to companies working directly in the cannabis industry, although it does house a number of tech businesses that operate ancillary to the cannabis industry.

In terms of its day-to-day operations, ParagonSpace is pretty much like any other co-working space. Customers rent space to work, and ParagonSpace provides that space.

As with other co-working spaces in the country, ParagonSpace tends to attract young companies and startups. In particular, it attracts many companies in the tech space.

“There isn’t a 4/20 theme anywhere,” ParagonSpace executive Jessica VerSteeg said prior to the co-working company’s launch. “It’s whiteboards, desks, and all the same amenities as any other startup space. But here, you know that everybody knows the industry, and could be a potential partner.”

But now, it appears that the co-working company is expanding its offerings a bit. As the host of Eat Yo Veggies, ParagonSpace is apparently opening itself up to more social events, specifically ones that cater to cannabis culture and cannabis consumers.

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