Cannabis Can Literally Mend Your Broken Heart

A Broken Heart

A broken heart is the worst. Everything makes you sad, even eating a gallon of ice cream makes you start crying uncontrollably. But did you know that cannabis might be the best cure for a broken heart?

A broken heart can cause intense emotional or physical pain. According to a study, people experienced the same brain activity for both emotional and physical pain. This means that the body responds to a heart break as if you’re literally breaking your heart.


Cannabis, however, could be the cure and help you deal with this emotional stress. When smoked, marijuana releases cannabinoids, which the body naturally produces to control your mood.

When you are experiencing sadness or heartbreak, your body is not naturally releasing these mood stabilizers.

Pot can help stimulate a healthy balance of cannabinoids inside the brain so that someone can relatively control how much sadness they are feeling.

The CB1 receptor in the brain triggers from smoking marijuana, which gives a euphoric or happy feeling as well.

Heartbreak or the loss of someone that you love can also attribute to an increase in chronic depression or depression in general.

However, cannabis is found to alleviate and deplete depression in regular smokers.

Cannabis has a THC content that stimulates the chemical compounds in the brain that control mood, emotions, and behavioral attitudes.

THC itself can boost the amount of “happy” chemicals released into the body.

Prescription pills also produce dopamine, however, cannabis is natural and a safer choice. There are not harsh side effects, like the ones you find in most prescription pills.

Strains For Your Broken Heart

Strains that are perfect for fighting a broken heart are sativa dominated strains or hybrids because of their THC content.

Indicas, on the other hand, help with anxious or nervous feelings because they are overwhelmingly relaxing.

Try a strain like, Green Crack, which is a sativa dominant hybrid. This particular strain is known to give an intense energetic high but also provides a clear mental clarity.

Sativas like this one also fights against fatigue and tiredness, which is another element of depression. The energy boost is needed as you fight your broken heart. You’ll be up and at it in no time.

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