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Cannahoney The Ultimate Healing Product


Cannahoney The Ultimate Healing Product

Not only is honey a tasty addition to your morning toast or cup of tea, it turns out honey also has countless nutritional and medicinal value that has the power to heal your entire body. It’s loaded with antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that has been used for centuries to heal numerous aliments. Now, what if the healing power of honey was combined with the healing power of cannabis? It would seem this combination, known as Cannahoney, would be the ultimate healing product.

Various methods have been used to try to create the ideal Cannahoney. Some have tried the traditional method of cooking down weed and then adding honey to the weed and letting that cook for a while to produce a cannabis-infused honey mixture. This is an excellent method to use and is great to eat on its own or in your favorite recipe. But what if there was a way to get Cannahoney straight from the source–100% naturally occurring?

Since 2006, a beekeeper fanatic who goes by the name, Nicolas Trainerbees, has been trying to combine the healing benefits of honey and cannabis to produce an all-natural Cannahoney. Instead of mixing cannabis and honey together himself, he has trained his bees to produce the Cannahoney on their own.

Nicolas has trained his bees to eat the resin coating on the cannabis plant, instead of the flowers the bees normally eat. The result is the psychoactive THC is transferred to the honey the bees produced. Nicolas found that the effects from the THC and CBD strains are magnified when they honey is made using this method.

The flavor of the Cannahoney produced by the bees can vary in taste and strength depending on the strain the bees ate. Some strains produce a more floral flavor, while others produce a more mild taste. Regardless of the strain, however, the end results are the same. A delicious Cannahoney with incredible healing potential.

Cannahoney can alleviate colds and allergies.

It’s anti-inflammatory effects help soothe coughs and helps our bodies build up the necessary antibodies to withstand seasonal allergies.

Cannahoney  can provide energy.

The natural sugar found in it can provide a quick boost of energy. And the sugar found in it is unprocessed so it’s a much healthier choice over energy drinks.

Cannahoney can treat burns and wounds.

When applied as a topical solution, the natural antibodies found in Cannahoney can disinfect burns and wounds from various forms of bacteria.

Not everyone is as excited about Cannahoney as Nicolas is, however. Some activists worry that this method is harmful to the bees. They are against the bees eating from the cannabis plant because they fear the bees are getting high in the process, and they are worried this might be dangerous for them.

According to Nicolas, when the bees eat from the cannabis plant, they are not affected by the cannabinoids because they don’t have an endocannabinoid system. The cannabis plant is just another form of food for the bees.

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