Canopy Growth Ships Cannabis-Infused Drink

Logo: Canopy Growth Corporation (CNW Group/Canopy Growth Corporation)

Logo: Canopy Growth Corporation (CNW Group/Canopy Growth Corporation)

Canopy Growth, an enormous cannabis company that has added cannabis-infused beverage products to its portfolio, announced on March 16 that its newest Tweed product has begun shipping to dispensaries in each province across Canada.

According to The Motley Fool, the newest Tweed beverages have already been shipped out and will soon be available in various stores across Canada in the near future. However, the company warned that “product availability on provincial eCommerce platforms and bricks-and-mortar retail locations will vary depending on transportation timelines and provincial distribution systems.”

Each drink contains two milligrams of THC and less than one milligram of CBD per beverage. The compounds are then blended with soda water and other natural ingredients, leading to what the company calls “a refreshing cannabis experience.” While these drinks don’t pack a huge punch, each one offers a balanced blend of THC and CBD that provides just enough cannabis properties.

“The appearance of drinks on the scene like Canopy Growth/Tweed’s new offering is due to the ‘Cannabis 2.0’ phase of recreational marijuana legalization in Canada,” The Motley Fool explains. “In this final step in full legalization, derivative products such as beverages, candies, and baked goods were made legal in the country. Although this technically occurred in late 2019, because of a number of factors products have only begun hitting store shelves recently.”

With this new rollout, these new cannabis drinks will help to improve cannabis stock and increase the profitability of legal cannabis even more.

Recreational cannabis sales in Canada grew from C$40.48 million in its first month of legalization (October 2018) to C$688.58 million in September 2019. However, some consumers are complaining about the quality of recreational cannabis products, citing the quality of black-market product to be more worth their money. According to The Guardian, one reddit user stated that the country’s cannabis is too expensive, ridden with mold and other harmful items, and that they are less informed as a customer regarding the look and properties of the cannabis.

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