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Former New Jersey Mayor Will Advise A Cannabis Edible Company

Former New Jersey Mayor Will Advise A Cannabis Edible Company
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Former New Jersey Mayor Will Advise A Cannabis Edible Company

Former New Jersey mayor Jim Florio and his law firm will support Nuka Enterprises’ expansion initiatives in New Jersey.

New Jersey is rapidly heading toward a future with legal weed. With a bill to legalize adult-use cannabis slated for the legislative agenda in September, other U.S. cannabis companies are beginning to establish inroads to the New Jersey market. And one former New Jersey mayor just joined the advisory board of one of them, the Colorado edibles manufacturer Nuka Enterprises. Nuka hopes to use former mayor Jim Florio’s experience and expertise to help the company expand into New Jersey.

Artisanal Cannabis Chocolate Company Sets Sights on New Jersey

Nuka Enterprises, based in Henderson, Colorado, has made a name for itself with its 1906 brand of cannabis edibles. According to Nuka, 1906 brand edibles use a rapid-delivery technology so consumers don’t have to wait through the typical lag time before effects kick in.

Eyeing New Jersey’s cannabis market, on the precipice of a massive expansion if legalization continues apace, Nuka is looking to take its products to the Garden State. And former New Jersey mayor Jim Florio wants in on the action.

In a statement announcing his joining Nuka’s advisory board, Florio praised Nuka’s safe, innovative and progressive approach to the cannabis edibles market. Florio also mentioned his faith in Nuka’s founder and CEO Peter Barsoom, who is a native of New Jersey.

For its part, Nuka Enterprises wants to take advantage of Florio’s extensive legislative and legal experience to support their expansion initiatives. Barsoom said it was an honor to work with Florio. And he’s looking forward to having his support and shared values behind Nuka and 1906.

New Jersey Mayor Is Latest High-Profile Ex-Politico to Join Cannabis Industry

Fmr. New Jersey mayor Jim Florio’s political days are long behind him. And since leaving office, Florio has served on the board of a few companies.

Florio once served on the board of directors of Trump Entertainment Resorts. But he and other board members had to resign after the company filed its third bankruptcy. Today, Florio sits on the board of Plymouth Financial Company, Inc. He’s also counsel to the law firm Florio, Perrucci, Steinhardt & Fader, of which he’s a founding partner.

Florio’s law firm will provide legal support for the expansion of Nuka Enterprises into the highly-regulated New Jersey cannabis market. And Barsoom believes the partnership will help New Jersey set the best practices and standards for the industry. He views Nuka’s expansion efforts as a chance to “get social justice right, to get research right, to get the consumer experience right.”

But former New Jersey mayor Jim Florio is just the latest high-profile ex-politico to join the growing cannabis industry. In April, for example, Republican and former House Speaker John Boehner and former Mass. Gov. William Weld joined the advisory board of the cannabis cultivation giant Acreage Holdings. Acreage is also looking to expand it’s medical cannabis operations in south New Jersey.

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