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“High Minded” The New Podcast Series From The Cannabist

"High Minded" The New Podcast Series From The Cannabist


“High Minded” The New Podcast Series From The Cannabist

Looking for a new podcast for all your weed info? Check out the upcoming series “High Minded,” courtesy of The Cannabist.

For all of you fellow weed enthusiasts looking for a new medium to receive cannabis-centric news, you may want to check out the new podcast series from The Cannabist. Although they may be a rival, we couldn’t help but show some love. Get ready to become “High Minded.”

Accessing Your Higher Mind

"High Minded" The New Podcast Series From The Cannabist

The Cannabist, which already boasts the popular podcast “The Cannabist Show,” is soon adding another show to its lineup.

The new “High Minded” podcast will feature the latest news in “federal policy leaders, state trendsetters, politicians and the upper echelon of the burgeoning marijuana industry.”

Essentially, it’s focusing on the legal portion of the cannabis community and its rapid growth.

The podcast will feature a variety of members from The Cannabist staff. It will be hosted by Editor-in-Chief Alex Pasquariello.

It will also feature national cannabis policy and business reporter, Alicia Wallace. Wallace is a staff writer at both The Cannabist and The Denver Post and is one of the leading cannabis reporters in the industry.

In its first episode, “High Minded” managed to gather a table of Colorado officials who were overseeing the state’s marijuana regulatory regime.

The group discussed efforts to protect public safety and public health. One of the major obstacles when it comes to states’ legalization of cannabis involves its regulatory process.

Much like tobacco or alcohol, there are several laws and regulations that are required to sell and distribute legal cannabis. There are also several restrictions on purchasing recreational weed.

For example, in Colorado, adults 21 and over can legally purchase and possess up to one ounce of weed at one time.

Consumers can mix-and-match, but it can only equal one ounce. Presumably, the podcast will continue covering these types of issues.

“High Minded” is set to be available for download in the coming weeks. But there hasn’t been a release date announced.

Final Hit: “High Minded” The New Podcast Series From The Cannabist

As the legalization of weed continues to grow, expect an influx of cannabis-related media.

There are several weed-based YouTube channels, websites, podcasts, social media stars, and other publications that specialize in normalizing cannabis.

It’s an everyday part of culture, whether guys like Jeff Sessions likes it or not. So, why stop at “High Minded?” Be on the lookout for as many sources of weed information as possible.

At this point, it’s only a matter of time. Don’t be surprised to see television channels dedicated to the cannabis industry as a whole one day. It’s a budding industry—literally.

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