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$1M Worth Of Weed Found By West Virginia State Troopers

$1M Worth Of Weed Found By West Virginia State Troopers


$1M Worth Of Weed Found By West Virginia State Troopers

Authorities in Wayne County are reporting that weed found by West Virginia State troopers on Friday is estimated to worth be over $1 million.

News sources in West Virginia reported that weed found by West Virginia state troopers earlier this morning has been estimated to be worth over $1 million. But since this is only day one of the investigation, there’s a chance that the number could go up as authorities learn more.

Officials Value Confiscated Pot Over $1M…So Far

$1M Worth Of Weed Found By West Virginia State Troopers

According to local news source WSAZ3, troopers announced that the official net worth of the cannabis plants confiscated near the Wayne County/Mingo County border is $1,240,000. For now, that is.

That number may change depending on whether authorities discover anything overlooked or miscalculated. As of now, there is no indication as to whether this number will change as the case develops.

State troopers have been sparse on the details of the investigation so far. While the West Virginia State Police (WVSP) announced that they have suspects, no arrests have been made since the cannabis plants were discovered and seized.

Notably, West Virginia is one of the few states where weed is strictly illegal, with the exception of medical cannabis.

Despite the fact that West Virgina has a long history of hemp cultivation—where former presidents George Washington and John Adams maintained their own hemp crops—cannabis has yet to be decriminalized in the state.

But there have been some steps toward making changes. Earlier this year, the State House voted in favor of legalization medicinal cannabis.

“I can tell you with great certainty that this bill is not bringing cannabis to West Virginia because it’s been here longer than any of us has been here,” said Delegate Mike Pushkin. “What we’re doing is bringing some of it out of the shadows. The most important thing is we’re allowing some people to alleviate their suffering.”

Final Hit: $1M Worth Of Weed Found By West Virginia State Troopers

This isn’t the first time local or state officials in West Virginia have made a grand-scale seizure of illegal cannabis plants.

Back in April, 34 pounds of weed was discovered near Huntington by state troopers during a routine traffic stop. While that bust, valued at$100,000 at the time, is inarguably a large load, it’s comparably tiny compared to WVSP’s most recent million-plus bust.

The last time a similar incident occurred was in December 

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