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Nova Scotia Cannabis Laws: From Consumers To Businesses

Nova Scotia Cannabis Laws: From Consumers To Businesses


Nova Scotia Cannabis Laws: From Consumers To Businesses


Nova Scotia Cannabis Laws: From Consumers To Businesses

The upcoming rules for cannabis consumers and businesses in Nova Scotia.

When it comes to cannabis, things are picking up momentum in Canada. As the nation prepares for full-scale legalization, individual provinces are also finalizing details for local marijuana laws. Here are the most important Nova Scotia cannabis laws for consumers and businesses.

Nova Scotia Cannabis Laws for Consumers

According to Nova Scotia’s official website, local cannabis laws were created after consulting “feedback from Nova Scotians, experts, and stakeholder groups, as well as decisions made by other jurisdictions.”

The rules for consumers control things like who can buy and possess marijuana, grow at home, and other important matters.

Age Limits

In Nova Scotia, you have to be at least 19 years old to buy, possess, grow, or consume marijuana. This is different than the minimum age established by the federal government, which is 18.

How Much Marijuana Can Adults Possess?

Anyone older than 19 can possess up to 30 grams of cannabis while outside a private residence. There aren’t any limits on how much you can have in your home.

If a person younger than 19 is caught with less than five grams of weed, their cannabis will be seized and they could be fined up to $150.

Similarly, if a person younger than 18 is caught with more than five grams of marijuana, they will face criminal charges.

Where Adults Can Buy Weed

Once marijuana becomes legal, adults in Nova Scotia have two options for buying weed. They can purchase it directly from a province-run brick and mortar dispensary. So far, the province will have 12 weed shops.

Alternatively, adults can purchase it online. For these purchases, the product will be delivered directly to the customer’s home. In both cases, you have to show legal proof of age in order to make a purchase.

Where Adults Can Consume Cannabis

Of course, adults in Nova Scotia can consume weed in private. But, the province is giving landlords the ability to “put reasonable rules in place about recreational cannabis smoking.”

Public consumption is pretty much banned everywhere. The province will implement harsher penalties for smoking weed near schools, playgrounds, parks, or other places where kids typically spend time. Interestingly, adults will be allowed to consume marijuana “within the boundaries of a rented campsite” at provincial parks and beaches.

Growing Cannabis at Home

In Nova Scotia, it will be legal to grow up to four plants per household. This matches the national limit on growing cannabis at home.

Marijuana and Driving

The province is very strict on driving while under the influence of cannabis. You are not allowed to consume cannabis or be high while operating any motor vehicle. That includes a motorized boat.

Anybody caught driving while high could face serious penalties. This is true even if passengers are caught consuming marijuana while the vehicle is being operated. The province has established a detailed set of penalties for breaking these rules. In general, a driver could be fined and have their driver’s license suspended. Repeat offenses will have more severe penalties.

Nova Scotia Cannabis Laws for Businesses

The business side of things will be handled almost entirely by the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation (NSLC). This agency will operate brick and mortar dispensaries and online sales. In most cases, the NSLC will follow federal laws and regulations. Obviously, the only points of difference will be details where the province has its own unique rules.

Who Can Sell Marijuana in Nova Scotia?

All dispensaries will actually be NSLC stores. They will not be privately owned and operated dispensaries. So far, the province has established 12 NSLC locations. They are scattered throughout the province.

NSLC stores, including online sales, will give consumers access to dried and fresh flower, cannabis oil, and seeds. While private stores will not sell any cannabis or marijuana products, they will be allowed to sell cannabis accessories.

Who Will Supply Nova Scotia With Legal Weed?

The province will use federally-licensed growers and processors. These groups will supply all cannabis and cannabis products to the NSLC, which will then make them available to the public.

Weed isn’t legal yet in Canada. But it should be around the corner. Federal lawmakers continue to hammer out the details for what legal weed will look like in the country. In the meantime, provinces are also finalizing details on their end. As soon as all laws have been established and approved at both the national and local levels, Canadians can start buying legal recreational weed.

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