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Obama Kush Strain Information

2016 Strain of the Year: Obama Kush | Green Rush Daily


Obama Kush Strain Information

Obama Kush Strain

The explosive growth of the cannabis industry in recent years has contributed to the already well-established art of creating new hybrid strains. Since this is President Obama’s last full year as president, this seems to be as good a time as any to start talking about what his legacy might look like. We think Obama Kush should give you a pretty good idea of that.

And for weed smokers, that legacy looks like “frosty, purple hued flowers dotted with reddish and orange hairs.” It also has an odor, “a tangy, skunky aroma that is quite subtle,” as the cannasseurs at wiki leaf put it.

While there seems to be some controversy among hardcore cannabis genealogists, Obama Kush is a hybrid strain descending from indica Afghani strains and sativa dominant strains of OG Kush. Other pot enthusiasts, like Oregon-based cannabis reviewer Wylie Atherton, say OB Kush is actually the offspring of Bubba Kush and Purp strains.

We’ll leave the nitty-gritty debates up to those who know best.

In the meantime, let’s move on to what matters most: what using Obama Kush is actually like.

Obama Kush averages around 16 percent THC, slightly higher than your average sativa strain. Most users say Obama Kush gives them a nice combination of creative, euphoric, and relaxed sensations.

Here’s how Atherton describes it:

“Ten-pound weights attach to my eyelids, causing a dramatic—if not comical—droop. Stresses which plague my mind slowly melt away, leaving a vacuum of mental space.”

“Void of constant input, this could serve well as my herbal Spa Day. A float tank of flower. Sensory deprivation sensimilla. You get the jist.”

But Obama Kush isn’t only a perfect strain for recreational uses. It also ranks super high as an effective treatment for pain, anxiety, and depression.

Atherton says this strain perfectly “walks the line between medicine and recreation.”

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