PETA Supports ‘Cannabis for Dogs’ Bill in California

The well-known animal rights organization has declared its support for the "cannabis for dogs" bill.

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A new bill in California could allow veterinarians in the state to talk about cannabis as a treatment for animals. The bill has so far received relatively positive feedback and support. And now, PETA has thrown its weight behind the bill. In a new press release, the animal rights organization explicitly declared its support for California’s “cannabis for dogs” legislation.

PETA’s Statement of Support

This week, the well-known animal advocacy group published a statement in support of California’s A.B. 2215. It reads:

“My licensed veterinary colleagues in California should be allowed to discuss the use of marijuana products with people who are concerned about providing for their companion animals’ care, and a veterinarian’s input would protect animals from toxic overdoses. It’s extremely important that animal guardians talk with medical professionals about a possible alternative for pain relief in animal patients who cannot tolerate the side effects of traditional medications.”

The bill has so far seen widespread support. In fact, it has already been approved by the state Assembly and the Senate. Now, it has moved to Governor Jerry Brown.

Before the bill can officially pass into law, Gov. Brown must give it his final approval. Lawmakers expect him to act on the bill in the near future.

Earlier this year, lawmakers in New York introduced a bill that could eventually make it legal for pet owners to give their pets medical marijuana. The bill is largely viewed as giving pet owners and veterinarians an alternative to potentially dangerous painkillers.

Cannabis and Pets

This isn’t the first time lawmakers or animal experts have looked at the issue of cannabis and pets. In fact, it’s a topic that has picked up a little bit of momentum over the past few years.

So far, it seems that a lot of the information about how cannabis affects pets tends to be anecdotal. And in many cases, pet owners and veterinarians report positive results.

For example, Green Rush Daily spoke with veterinarian Dr. Sarah Brandon earlier this year. She said that she’s seen marijuana provide significant pain relief to animals.

In particular, she said she’s given marijuana to her own dog and that it helped the animal deal with a chronic hip problem. Additionally, she’s seen marijuana help other dogs, especially those with arthritis, trouble walking, and chronic pain.

But what about more sustained research? Turns out, there has been some progress on this front as well.

Last year, researchers at UC Davis looked into the matter. They conducted a survey of pet owners. They discovered that many times, pets seemed to benefit from non-psychoactive CBD oil.

This study serves as an early foray into the field of animals and marijuana. As such, it was primarily focused on aggregating as many firsthand reports as possible.

While it doesn’t give us any hard and fast conclusions, it could be a helpful starting place. And for those interested in how marijuana might help animals, this study points to some encouraging possibilities for future study.

Importantly, the study pointed out that CBD seemed to produce the most benefits. For now, pet owners should steer clear of giving THC to their pets. THC can be dangerous to animals in high doses and can be especially dangerous for smaller animals.

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