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Philadelphia’s First Medical Marijuana Dispensary Just Opened

Philadelphia's First Medical Marijuana Dispensary Just Opened


Philadelphia’s First Medical Marijuana Dispensary Just Opened

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Philadelphia’s First Medical Marijuana Dispensary Just Opened

Philadelphia patients won’t have to travel out of the city for their medicine.

Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana law was signed back in early 2016 by Governor Tom Wolf. Since then, most major municipals in the state have already opened medical marijuana dispensaries. On the other hand, residents of the state’s most populated city have had no place to purchase medical marijuana. Residents of the city will be happy to know that the long wait for Philadelphia’s first medical marijuana dispensary is finally over. Restore Integrative Wellness Center announced they would be opening today at 11 a.m. in Fishtown.

“Our mission is to be a friendly and reliable source of medical marijuana,” the company said in a statement.

To enter the 5,000-square-foot facility, you’ll need to be diagnosed with one of the state’s 21 qualifying conditions. Then, you’ll need to register for a medical marijuana ID card. Once you have your medical marijuana ID card, you can make your way down to the dispensary located at 957 Frankford Avenue in Fishtown.

Inside Restore Wellness Center

Inside, there are high ceilings and an elegant decor. You would never guess that the location last housed a welding shop. The shelves and decor give the business a clean, comfortable and welcoming feel. Their nearly organized shelves are stocked with a variety of cannabis products. You’ll have plenty to choose from because the dispensary claims to have the “widest selection of products of any dispensary in Pennsylvania.”

For quite some time, medical marijuana patients in Pennsylvania have been limited to concentrated forms of cannabis. Edibles and smokable cannabis were prohibited when the medical marijuana laws were signed into effect. Fortunately, the ban on smokable flowers was recently lifted. Patients can now smoke the dry leaf products available at the state’s dispensaries. In addition, patients have access to products that can be mixed with food or drinks, vape pen cartridges, different types of cannabis concentrates and more inside Restore Wellness Center. 

“We are ecstatic,” a dispensary spokesperson told Billy Penn about the grand opening. “Not only are we the first, but we would like to dispel all the stigma attached to medical marijuana. We want to create an environment where people feel safe and secure. We have a responsibility to make sure we provide the highest standard of care.”

Restore Integrative Wellness Center has another location scheduled to open in Elkins Park. The company plans to open two more dispensaries in the state by the end of the year.

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