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Ann Coulter Claims That Smoking Weed “Makes People Retarded”

Ann Coulter Claims That Smoking Weed “Makes People Retarded”


Ann Coulter Claims That Smoking Weed “Makes People Retarded”

Ann Coulter claims that smoking weed causes intellectual disability. Is there any truth to this? Or is she just blowing smoke?

This week, a video emerged in which Ann Coulter claims that smoking weed “makes people retarded.” During the segment, she goes on to say that people don’t get arrested for possession. She also rants about the “welfare state” and makes a few racist comments while claiming that she’s not racist.

Ana Kasparian vs Ann Coulter

These latest remarks from Ann Coulter stemmed from a debate that she participated in with Ana Kasparian. Ana Kasparian is an anchor on the progressive news show The Young Turks. Other topics that were covered during the debate were immigration, police brutality, and the Trump regime.

While on the topic of cannabis, Kasparian freely admits that she loves weed. She also wants to see it legalized throughout the country. Her opponent feels differently. In addition to saying that weed “makes you retarded,” Ann Coulter claims that smoking weed will turn our country into a “nation of busboys.”

She also seems to think that no one goes to jail for possession of cannabis. The American Civil Liberties Union disagrees. According to their analysis, there were 8.2 million arrests for cannabis possession between 2001 and 2010. Of those, 88% were due to pot possession alone. According to additional statistics, Black people are almost four times as likely to be arrested for cannabis than their white counterparts. Even despite similar rates of use.

Cannabis and brain function

Ann Coulter Claims That Smoking Weed “Makes People Retarded”

The claim that weed stunts intellectual ability is as old as time. Ever hear the myth that cannabis kills brain cells? The truth is that there is absolutely no conclusive evidence that smoking hurts your brain. While some experts advise people to hold off on smoking weed until adulthood, research shows that moderate use, even in your teen years, will not make you a total zombie. Experts also say that cannabis can help treat Alzheimer’s.

Also, that myth about weed killing your brain cells? It’s based on a study by Dr. Robert Heath that involved animal cruelty. Basically, he forced monkeys to consume cannabis without additional oxygen. Without oxygen, brain cells die. His findings have since been debunked.

Final Hit: Ann Coulter claims that smoking weed “makes people retarded.”

Ann Coulter is a conservative political pundit who routinely makes inflammatory remarks. Whether or not she actually believes what she says is up for debate, because she’s said a lot of things that are absolutely nonsensical. There are even some people who have theorized that she’s a performance artist. Or perhaps a social experiment.

The bottom line is that if Ann Coulter claims that smoking weed “makes you retarded”, it’s a good indication that it does the exact opposite.

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