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Cops Investigating Video of Toddler Smoking Weed

Cops Investigating Video of Toddler Smoking Weed


Cops Investigating Video of Toddler Smoking Weed

Cops in Chicago are searching for the person who filmed a toddler while someone teaches the child how to smoke.

In the 16 second long video, which looks like it was filmed with somebody’s cell phone, a toddler is shown sitting on a highchair wearing a diaper and smoking what appears to be a blunt.

In the background, an adult tells the child “smoke bro, inhale it,” and then coaches the toddler on how to do it. The adult then says, “let me hit that, OK?”

Here’s a copy of the original video:


Cops were notified of the video’s existence by a Chicago resident named Andrew Holmes, who saw it on Facebook.

“Well it’s still stupidity but at the same time I want to rush to find out who these individuals are, get them some help because they need to be incarcerated and counseling but I want to mainly make sure we get emergency response to find out who this child is,” Holmes said in an article published by local Chicago news station Fox 32.

The case is currently being investigated by Chicago police, and Fox 32 reports that “detectives from the Special Victims Unit at Area South Headquarters may already have an idea of who is responsible for the video.”

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If the person responsible for the video is found, authorities say they will be seeking child endangerment charges.

This isn’t the first time this type of video has emerged on social media.

Last year, somebody with the username “Chief Smokes” uploaded a video of a toddler wearing a Mickey Mouse shirt and smoking weed to Vine. The video immediately blew up and became extremely controversial.

Similarly, a 2013 video shows a woman named Rachelle Braaten giving her young son a hit from a bong. In this case, the boy in the video was taken from his mother and put into care.

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