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Gunman Kills Three at Legal Cannabis Farm in Oregon

Gunman Kills 3 At Oregon Cannabis Farm


Gunman Kills Three at Legal Cannabis Farm in Oregon

Gunman Kills Three at Legal Cannabis Farm in Oregon

What Happened

A gunman attacked a farm in Oregon yesterday, killing three and injuring one other. The farm contains a legal cannabis grow operation. It also grows blueberries.

The Details

The 29-year-old gunman, Bonifacio Oseguera-Gonzalez, opened fire yesterday morning around 11:20. By the time police arrived on the scene, two men were dead.

Two more people were rushed to a nearby hospital, one man and one woman. The woman died in the hospital, and the man remains in critical condition.

After the shooting, Oseguera-Gonzalez took off in his car. Authorities quickly put out a description of the shooter and his vehicle. They eventually found him driving on Interstate 84, east of Portland.

They apprehended him without any further complications or incidents.

The attacker was charged with three counts of aggravated murder. He was also charged with one count of attempted aggravated murder.

As of now, officials have not released the names of the victims. They also are not sure exactly what the motivation for the attack may have been.

But so far, they don’t think the attack had anything to do with the cannabis operation.

What This Means For The Cannabis Industry

Oregon voters chose to legalize cannabis in 2014. And since new laws went into effect in 2015, Oregonians are allowed to grow as many as four cannabis plants at their homes.

Although authorities don’t think yesterday’s attack had anything to do with the cannabis growing at the farm, the tragedy nonetheless highlights some of the dangers that can sometimes plague the legal cannabis industry.

Dispensaries and dispensary employees have so far faced the some of the biggest dangers. Those risks come in part from the continued threat of being raided by law enforcement.

But more pressing than that are possible risks arising from the way most dispensaries are forced to handle their finances. Since the huge majority of banks don’t want to do business with cannabis companies, it forces many dispensaries to operate as cash-only businesses.

And this leaves many of them vulnerable. But a growing number of tech companies have started coming up with possible solutions to this problem.

The Final Hit

Yesterday’s tragic attack is a sad reminder that we still have a long way to go to ensure that cannabis is safe to grow, sell, access, and use.

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