9 Reasons Why Legal Weed Will Actually Make America Great Again

Here are 9 reasons why legal weed will actually Make America Great Again. And no, "poisoning the youth" isn't one of them.

The legalization of cannabis can make America great again!

In light of President Donald Trump’s recent statements about upping border enforcement to “stop the drugs from pouring in our country and poisoning our youth,” lots of uncertainty surrounds the future of cannabis in the United States. But here are 9 reasons why legal weed will actually make America great again. And no, “poisoning the youth” isn’t one of them.

9. Safeguarding Borders

Since Donald Trump’s most anti-cannabis comments come when he’s talking about the border, let’s start there. Drugs cross U.S. borders everywhere.

Not just between Mexico and the United States, but also across the northern border with Canada. It’s a risky move, considering our tight border enforcement.

So why do it? Because it’s insanely profitable! Foreign criminal cartels that traffic in narcotics profit hugely from illegal drug markets in the U.S.

However, data about cannabis legalization policies have demonstrated that legal weed actually cuts into the profits of those criminal organizations.

Americans prefer an open, regulated industry over buying their cannabis illicitly. Reduce the incentive for trafficking drugs across the border, and you safeguard the country’s borders.


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