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Marijuana Control Board Members With Weed Businesses Asked To Resign

Marijuana Control Board Members With Weed Businesses Asked To Resign
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Marijuana Control Board Members With Weed Businesses Asked To Resign

Drama has been brewing for cannabis businesses in Alaska.

Drama is brewing in Alaska. Two members of the state’s Marijuana Control Board (MCB) have been accused of using their influential position to benefit their own businesses. Now, as tensions escalate, these Marijuana Control Board members with weed businesses have been asked to resign.

Growing Tensions in Alaska’s Cannabis Industry

Brandon Emmett and Mick Miller are both on Alaska’s MCB. Additionally, they both also own marijuana businesses in the state. And now, the ethics of some of their recent actions are being called into question.

Phillip Izon, the owner of a cannabis business named Kushtopia, is accusing both Emmett and Miller of conflicts of interest. In fact, Izon said he plans to file a formal ethics complaint against the two.

If that happens, the state would have to appoint a special board to investigate the allegations. But before then, Izon is calling on Emmett and Miller to resign.

Izon started voicing his charges against the MCB members on social media. In his posts, Izon reportedly claimed that the two men are using their power as members of the MCB to benefit their own companies and organizations.

In particular, Izon said that Emmett had fined other marijuana businesses and events for public consumption, before promoting similar events for his own company.

“He is using his power to influence who and what is ok,” Izon wrote on Facebook. “He fines Cannabis Classic and will attempt to fine Alaska Hempfest while promoting hightimes and submitting his thc product for judging.”

Similarly, Izon said that Miller was advertising a smoking tent hosted by a group that Miller is in charge of. Izon said this tent should count as public consumption, and should, therefore, be fined.

Taken together, Izon is arguing that Emmett and Miller have been promoting public smoking in when it benefits their businesses or organizations while fining other businesses and organizations for the same thing.

Izon Clarifies

Izon’s claims have sparked a bit of drama in Alaska. Both Emmett and Miller have replied to his claims. And they both insist that they did nothing wrong.

Despite Emmett’s and Miller’s claims, Izon does not seem to be relenting. He recently said he would file a formal complaint. He said he wants Emmett and Miller to resign from the Alaska MCB. Izon also said he wants to see them both admit wrongdoing and apologize.

In a more recent Facebook post, Izon apparently tried to clarify his problems with Emmett and Miller. The post said that members of the MCB had fined an event called Cannabis Classic for public consumption violations. Izon then doubled down on his claim that Emmett and Miller then promoted public smoking in order to benefit themselves.

“Fine Cannabis Classic . . . then consume thc/cbd cartridge in public while hash tagging hightimes, claiming to be entering high times with his product,” Izon wrote in his most recent post.

He added: “And all the while Alaska Hempfest is about to receive a fine in August.” It remains to be seen how things will unfold. In particular, it’s unclear if the state will investigate Emmett and Miller.

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