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NYC Declares War On Vaping

NYC Declares War On Vaping


NYC Declares War On Vaping

Now that NYC declares war on vaping, where will this leave people desperate to quit smoking? And what about those who vape medical marijuana?

Ignoring scientific studies and evidence, NYC declares war on vaping. As an extension of the law that prohibits using a vaporizer in areas like parks and bars, new regulations seek to shut down vape shops in the city.  The “city that never sleeps” is about to become the “city that never sleeps because everyone is coughing all night due to second-hand smoke.”

To Vape or Not To Vape

NYC Declares War On Vaping

Vaping refers to using a device called a vaporizer. Vaporizers are a tool that you can use to consume weed without smoking it. It heats up the cannabis in a way that doesn’t require burning it, so it doesn’t actually produce any smoke. Like the name suggests, it produces vapor, which is much less harsh on your respiratory system. It’s also virtually scentless, which helps you keep your smoke sesh on the down low.

It’s futuristic, it’s discreet, and it’s healthy. And New York City hates it.

While an increasing number of people are using vapes to consume weed, many people are buying them for an entirely different purpose: smoking cessation. You can buy nicotine cartridges for your vape, also referred to as an e-cigarette, to help yourself quit smoking those nasty, cancer-causing cigarettes. While you are still consuming nicotine, you’re not further harming your lungs by inhaling smoke. Many vape shop owners are former smokers themselves. Because they have first-hand accounts of how vaping helped them quit cigarettes and a vast knowledge of the products that they sell, customers trust them.

Anyone who’s ever quit smoking will attest to the fact that it’s hard. And New York City is about to make it even harder. In 2013, the NYC passed the “smoke-free” law, which prohibits smoking and vaping in parks, beaches, bars, and restaurants. It doesn’t make much sense to include vaping in a “smoke-free” law, since, you know, it doesn’t produce any smoke. Interestingly, vaping weed could aid in smoking cessation.

Now, the city is taking it a step further. August 9th, the NYC City Council voted to reduce the number of vape shops permitted to exist and operate in the city. They are also prohibiting new vape shops from being established.

Final Hit: NYC Declares War On Vaping

There’s no way around it. These new laws and regulations are going to devastate a lot of people. While vape users will still be able to purchase their products, like vape pens, online, they won’t be able to have as much access to the knowledge that shop owners possess about the different kinds of vapes. And therefore, might have less success in their efforts to quit smoking.

This will also severely affect those who use vapes for consuming weed for the same reasons. Especially those who use vaporizers for their medical marijuana, if they’re a cannabis patient in the state. By passing these new laws, NYC declares war on vaping and also on the people who rely on vaping.

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