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Protestors Are Giving Free Joints To Members Of Congress On 420

Protestors Are Giving Free Joints To Members Of Congress On 420


Protestors Are Giving Free Joints To Members Of Congress On 420

A group of Washington, DC protestors are putting their own twist on a “joint session” of Congress. The protesters, who belong to a local DC organization called DCMJ, are giving out free joints to members of Congress. On Thursday, April 20, DCMJ will be twisting up joints for members of Congress from high noon to 4:20 pm. In fact, anyone with a congressional ID, from staffers to interns, can burn one down on 420.

The 1st Annual Joint Session

Protestors Are Giving Free Joints To Members Of Congress On 420

DCMJ aims to drum up support for marijuana legalization on Capitol Hill.

Not without a sense of style, DCMJ reached out over social media with a classy invite. The constitution-themed flyer cordially invites anyone with a congressional ID to enjoy a gift of two free joints. Along with a group of local DC residents, DCMJ will be chilling at the busy corner of 1st St. NE and Constitution Ave. NE.

Recreational cannabis is legal in the District of Columbia for adults 21 and over. But marijuana remains a federally prohibited “Schedule I” substance. DCMJ wants to change that.

The protestors are giving away free cannabis because they want members of Congress, their staff, interns, even DC journalists to legally obtain cannabis. Ultimately, their hope is that in return, members of Congress will work to remove marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act.

In addition, the DCMJ protestors are demanding that Congress give their city back control over its own cannabis laws. Currently, a “DC rider” prevents the municipal government from changing its own rules on the plant.

Exercise Your Civic Duty

Protestors Are Giving Free Joints To Members Of Congress On 420

The DCMJ “joint session” cannabis giveaway is also looking to give DC residents a chance to exercise their civic duty.

The protestors put out a call for volunteers to come down and help roll joints. Since just about anyone working in Congress is invited to enjoy two free joints, that’s going to be a lot of rolling!

However, residents without strong joint rolling skills can still get involved. Volunteers for the DCMJ protest can simply hand out joints, or join up for the group’s second demonstration, planned on April 24.

Reschedule420 Calling For Massive Civil Disobedience

Protestors Are Giving Free Joints To Members Of Congress On 420

Picking up where the joint session leaves off, the Reschedule 420 protest, planned for April 24, could be one of the largest DC cannabis protests to date.

After disturbing comments about cannabis legalization by White House press secretary Sean Spicer, the DCMJ protestors are gearing up for a mass showing of civil disobedience. They’re demanding that Congress act immediately to reschedule cannabis.

The protestors behind the Reschedule420 event have issued a national call to action. There’s a strong sense that the time of waiting is over. They feel that Americans voices are not being heard when it comes to legalizing cannabis nationally.

After a rally that begins on Monday, April 24, DCMJ and its allies will hold a massive “smoke-in” at 4:20 pm on Capitol Hill. But protestors face risks. In the first place, blazing up in public is illegal in DC. Secondly, it’s illegal to possess cannabis at all on Capitol grounds.

Protestors claim the inevitability of arrest is a necessary price to pay to force the issue with members of Congress. They want lawmakers on Capitol Hill to smell the radical reform they desire. As the group states on their website for the event:

We know that the best way to make America great again is not enforcing the outdated Controlled Substances Act, but providing Americans the liberty to choose cannabis for relaxation, enjoyment, and medicine.

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