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The U.S. Gov’t Will NOT Legalize Marijuana August 1st: Here’s Why

The U.S. Gov't Will NOT Legalize Marijuana August 1st: Here's Why


The U.S. Gov’t Will NOT Legalize Marijuana August 1st: Here’s Why

Why the U.S. Gov’t Will NOT Legalize Marijuana August 1st

On Saturday, an article was published claiming that marijuana would be legal by August 1st, exciting many uninformed readers. The weekly newspaper based in California named the Santa Monica Observer claimed the “US Gov’t Will Legalize Marijuana on August 1,” adding that “weed will soon be legal in all 50 states, with a prescription.”

The information from the article that is spreading across the internet and social media by blogs such as using the Santa Monica Observer’s claim as fact.

The Source

The information provided by the local community newspaper is lacking in credibility.

The only source the Santa Monica Observer given to back the report of the DEA’s plan to reschedule marijuana on August 1st was an anonymous attorney who claims he received the information from another attorney representing the DEA.

The article also misspells the word cannabis:

“The DEA Lawyer had told the lawyer representing a DEA informant of the DEA’s plan to legalize marijuana.” – Santa Monica Observer

This source has yet to be confirmed making the claim that the DEA has decided to accept the requests of the 2011 petition calling for the rescheduling of cannabis currently false.

The Petition

The petition launched by Governors Christine Gregoire of Washington and Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island would have the DEA reschedule marijuana from a Schedule I drug to a Schedule II or even III.

Schedule I drugs such as Heroin, LSD, and marijuana are said to have no medicinal benefit.

The main difference between Schedule I and II is that Schedule II drugs such as; Adderall, Percocet, and Ritalin can be prescribed by doctors. Making them medically legal and safer for patients to access without federal prosecution.

According to the petition, the DEA will be reviewing later this year, cannabis:

“Addiction, dependence, abuse and misuse potential are all low compared with other Schedule II drugs.”

Despite the Santa Monica Observer’s report being false. The DEA will still decide whether or not to reschedule marijuana later this year.

The DEA Legalize Marijuana?

The U.S. Gov't Will NOT Legalize Marijuana August 1st: Here's Why


On April 4th, the DEA responded to a July 2015 inquiry by 8 US Senators including Elizabeth Warren, which asked the DEA for a deadline on their decision to reschedule marijuana.

Page 5 of the DEA’s response states the agency:

“Hopes to release its determination in the first half of 2016.” Response from the DEA is expected by July 1. But the word “hopes” may indicate a date later than the first half of the year.

The last similar petition proposed was assessed and denied by the DEA in July of 2011.

However, the DEA gave the OK for clinical trials of smoked marijuana for the treatment of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder),  earlier this year in April.

Has the DEA changed its past views on marijuana as a medically beneficial drug? With the Department of Health and Human Services,

The Facts

The U.S. Gov't Will NOT Legalize Marijuana August 1st: Here's Why

Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren, and several other senators backing the petition up for assessment later this year. Advocates are hopeful that the DEA will come to a different decision on the reclassification of marijuana this time.

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