Scott Storch Shares How Cocaine Addiction Ruined His Weed Business

The famous producer has been candid about his well-chronicled cocaine addiction.

Hot 97/YouTube

It’s no secret that the marijuana business is a lucrative one—and it’s only getting bigger. However, it’s not as if EVERYBODY is an automatic shoe-in to make it their own personal cash cow.

Between the variety of licenses required and the stringent state-by-state regulations, opening a successful weed business can be a challenge, even for those with plenty of working capital.

However, there are obviously a bunch of other factors that could potentially hinder a weed business. In the case of legendary hip-hop producer Scott Storch, it was a crippling cocaine addiction—something that transcends your typical inconveniences.

Scott Storch Blames Cocaine For His Company’s Downfall

Storch, who recently starred in a Vevo-original tell-all documentary, Still Storch, also appeared on Hot 97 to discuss his failed weed endeavor. According to Storch, his cocaine habit was particularly bad because of his own success in the music business.

“I was the most dangerous kind of drug addict,” Storch said in the interview.  “I was a drug addict who had millions and millions of dollars in the bank, ready to spend on drugs, and not have to go to work, and not have to worry about anything… The reason why that’s the most dangerous is because if you don’t run out of… Really, usually, people stay alive because they run out of money.”

Although he admitted his addiction affected several facets of his life, Scott Storch seemed particularly concerned about his major failed endeavor—his weed business, Storch Labs.

“I built an empire smoking weed, I tore it down doing cocaine,” the producer added.

Scott Storch’s Addiction

Storch’s cocaine addiction has been well-chronicled.

Back in 2015, TMZ reported that Storch had filed for bankruptcy. According to his bankruptcy files, his net worth was just $3,600 worth of assets. and he had spent a whopping $30 million on the white stuff over just a six-month period.

He had allegedly cleaned up his act last year ahead of the opening of Storch Labs. He claimed that smoking weed had helped him lay off the blow.

“After a journey with sobriety, I have reached where I am today by staying sober and smoking only the finest chronic that helps me feel great and create,” Scott Storch said. “Now that I have started my own brand, a lot of things coming in #2017.”

However, that sobriety didn’t appear to last long, as his weed company ultimately failed. However, Storch has been increasingly candid since his tell-all documentary and claims to once again be off of cocaine.

He recently sat down with 105.1’s the Breakfast Club to discuss just how bad his addiction got.

“One time I collapsed in his studio. I was high and I was so dehydrated and I hid behind the baffles of the microphone booth and they didn’t even know what was going on,” Storch said. “I was on the floor having damn near having a seizure and s**t.”

If Storch manages to successfully swap out the white for green, he could, in fact, return to his glory days. Admitting his transgression appears to be an effective first step.

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