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Someone Is Growing Weed Outside Vancouver City Hall

Someone Is Growing Weed Outside Vancouver City Hall


Someone Is Growing Weed Outside Vancouver City Hall

Someone is growing weed outside of a city hall in Canada. Are you really that surprised?

It’s the news story you didn’t know you needed: someone is growing weed outside Vancouver City Hall. Let’s be honest, it takes some cajones to put pot plants outside of the center of local government in one of Canada’s major cities. So who is it?

Who Is Growing Weed Outside Vancouver City Hall?

Evidence of the aforementioned cannabis plants—two, to be exact—was provided by Dana Larsen, a self-identified cannabis activist.

Larsen told reporters that he believes he knows who grew the plants, but declined to identify them to the public. He also stated his belief that the plants are there partly because of his Overgrow Canada free cannabis seed giveaway campaign, in which participants can request and get up to 100 cannabis seeds to plant all over the country. (Registration for this year’s seed giveaway is now closed.)

In fact, his claim may not be as far-fetched as you think. On the Overgrow Canada website, Larsen urges seed recipients to plant seeds in front of places like police stations, storefront planters, and other “highly visible public spaces.”

“I assume the plants are there because of that, I’m sure that’s why they’re there,” he stated.

Spreading the Love

Someone Is Growing Weed Outside Vancouver City Hall

Dana Larsen

Larsen claims he has given away roughly five million seeds coast-to-coast to participants of the Overgrow Canada project.

“I would like to see more cannabis growing openly and freely because that’s the kind of country I want to live in,” Larsen said to Daily Hive. “So people understand that cannabis is just like any other plant. It’s not harmful or dangerous to have cannabis growing anywhere.”

He also noted that out of most foliage that grows outside of public places, cannabis is most likely one of the least poisonous and/or toxic.

“I’m hoping that we see a lot more of these plants cropping up across the country for the rest of the summer and the fall,” he added.

Final Hit

Discovery of the plants outside of Vancouver’s city hall comes only months after Canada voted to legalize recreational cannabis use in a landmark legislation this past April. While this legislation will not go into effect until 2018, it looks like some Canadians are getting a head start on their new-found freedoms.

As of now, only Canadians in possession of a medicinal cannabis license can legally grow plants. License-carriers may grow up to four or five indoor cannabis plants and/or two plants outdoors per gram of weed. (For the sake of legality, let’s hope that the unidentified grower has a said license.)

In the end, we might not know who is growing weed outside of Vancouver City Hall—but then again, it might metaphorically be all of us.

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