Watch Jay Leno Test Drive A Car Made Entirely Out of Weed

Watch Jay Leno drive a car made out of weed and hear how this new technology could be the next big thing.


On the most recent episode of “Jay Leno’s Garage,” the comedian and TV host got to drive a prototype of a new car that’s made out of weed. That’s right, weed. Now, not only can you watch Jay Leno drive a car made out of weed, but you can also hear more about this unexpected new use of the cannabis plant.

A Sports Car Made Out Of Cannabis


On Wednesday’s episode of the show, Leno meets up with retired Dell executive Bruce Dietzen. According to the show, Dietzen has invested $200,000 so far into developing the Renew Sports Car.

The body of the car is made out of hemp fibers that have been woven together and finished with a super-hard resin. Apparently, it takes somewhere around 100 pounds of cannabis plants to make one car.

And the final product is insanely strong. According to Leno’s show, the woven hemp used to make the car is lighter than fiberglass and ten times stronger than steel.

To demonstrate the strength of the hemp car, Dietzen bangs on the hood so hard he hurts his hand. He lets Leno do the same thing. But no matter how hard these guys wail on the car, the body is fine. They don’t even leave a dent.

After whacking the car hood for a while, Leno and Dietzen hop in the car and head out on the road. As Leno cruises, Dietzen explains a little bit more about the car’s design.

“It’s not made out of marijuana,” he said. “It’s made out of cannabis hemp. You could smoke all the cannabis hemp you could possibly want and you won’t get high.”

For Dietzen, the entire goal is to create a more sustainable automobile. “The ultimate goal, Jay, is to introduce the world’s first carbon negative vehicle,” he said. “And the key to that is going back to what Henry Ford advocated back in 1941, and that’s the idea to make everything you possibly can, including your fuels, out of plant material.”

Final Hit: Watch Jay Leno Drive a Car Made Out of Weed

Is there anything cannabis can’t do? The plant can be used recreationally and medicinally. It also has a number of other health benefits. And now, thanks to folks like Dietzen, it can be used to make cars. Although Dietzen has poured $200,000 into the project, you can purchase your own 2017 Renew Hemp Car for a cool $40,000.

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