Weed Cigarettes Are Now For Sale in Switzerland

It's official: weed cigarettes are now for sale in Switzerland, and they're coming to a (Swiss) supermarket near you.


It’s official: weed cigarettes are now for sale in Switzerland. Koch & Gsell, a company based out of St. Gallen, has come out with their own brand of cigs, complete with Swiss tobacco and cultivated hemp.

Weed Cigarettes for Sale

According to the site, the company is the first of its kind in the world to distribute ready-made spliffs. The name? Heimat. Don’t forget it.

“The natural tobacco-and-hemp blend develops a bouquet of mild, sweet and spicy aromas when smoked, exuding the unmistakable scent of cannabis,” the company declared in a press release.

“And yes, of course it’s legal,” they added.

Marketed as medicinal, Heimat cigarettes contain a legal amount of THC (which are low enough to classify the product as hemp instead of weed), as well as high amounts of cannabidiol, otherwise known as CBD. The compound acts as a healing agent, and is widely known to help with stress, anxiety, depression, aids with memory loss, and acts as an anti-inflammatory and analgesic.

But don’t be fooled, this is the real deal. The cigs contain a “sweet and spicy aromas when smoked, exuding the unmistakable scent of cannabis,” the company purports. So yeah, it’ll get you high to some degree.

A Long Time in the Making

According to Koch & Gsell, the journey from idea to actual product was anything but smooth. While spliffs are easy to roll by hand, getting the ratio right is harder to do with a machine.

“Due to the varying textures of the two plants, our production team was forced to employ a few technical tricks to blend the tobacco and hemp to create a harmonious mixture,” the company stated. While the tobacco is all Swiss, the hemp is not, but the company promises that they are making strides to eventually make their products with all-Swiss ingredients.

Where to Buy

Heimat cigarettes are already available for purchase online and at Swiss kiosks for the equivalent of $20 USD. The game-changer for the company, however, begins on July 24, when they’ll be accessible via the Coop, one of the largest supermarket chains in the country.

How is this possible? Although cannabis has yet to be entirely decriminalized in the country, it’s legal to possess up to ten grams on one’s person. Progress is a beautiful thing, huh? (Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for other countries, so be careful where you whip out your Heimats.)

And what’s in it for the Coop? Money, of course. As a spokesperson for the franchise put it so succinctly: “hemp products are trendy.” Surprise!

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