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Weed Sales Spike In Preparation For The Solar Eclipse

Weed Sales Spike For Solar Eclipse


Weed Sales Spike In Preparation For The Solar Eclipse

Thanks to the total solar eclipse, there’s been a reported increase in weed sales. In Oregon, this spike is particularly pronounced.

For dispensaries in the path of today’s solar eclipse, weed sales are seeing a spike. It seems that everyone seeing the eclipse wants to have the best possible experience that they can have. For a high percentage, that means, well, seeing the eclipse high. For dispensaries in Oregon, this means that business is booming.

The Eclipse Cometh

Weed Sales Spike For Solar Eclipse

Well, friends, today is the big day. A full solar eclipse will travel over the continental United States and will be visible, in varying degrees, to everyone here.

The eclipse seems to bring out different emotions in everyone. Some people view the eclipse as a spiritual experience of the highest magnitude.

Others are fascinated by the science behind the eclipse. There are some who are absolutely terrified by the prospect of the moon blocking the sun.

And of course, there are a few people who are doing in-depth astrological studies about it.

Our favorite type of people, though, are those who are driving to the path of the eclipse and enjoying all of the planet’s natural wonders.

Of course, by this, we mean smoking weed and staring at the sky. Experts are saying that Oregon is the best place to see the solar eclipse in all its glory.

Thus, hoards of eclipse chasers are flooding the area. Know what else is great in Oregon? Recreational cannabis.

Since the state has legalized recreational pot, weed sales in the state are seeing a boom. In Madras, Oregon, representatives from the dispensary Central Organics claim that they’ve sold five times more product than they usually do.

Of course, with great power comes great responsibility. The dispensary has apparently needed to hire armed security guards as a precaution.

As predicted, the solar eclipse combined with the state’s laws on weed sales have brought in a huge number of tourists.

Final Hit: Weed Sales Spike For Solar Eclipse

It seems to be that for many people, witnessing a total solar eclipse while smoking weed is an item on their bucket list.

Remember Andy From Craigslist? He’s the guy who offered an ounce of weed to anyone willing to drive him to the path of the eclipse. And why not?

Cannabis is known to enhance the senses and allow uninhibited emotional responses. For many, natural events like eclipses elicit a sort of deep spiritual and cerebral wonder.

For many, the total solar eclipse is a once in a lifetime opportunity. It’s only natural that they would want to experience it to the fullest.

If this means imbibing in a plant that is as old as time, then all the more power to them. And since it’s helping local businesses by driving up weed sales, very few people could possibly object.

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