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Whoopi Goldberg Speaks Up For Kids In Need Of Cannabis Medicine

Whoopi Goldberg Speaks Up For Kids In Need Of Cannabis Medicine


Whoopi Goldberg Speaks Up For Kids In Need Of Cannabis Medicine

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Whoopi Goldberg Speaks Up For Kids In Need Of Cannabis Medicine

Whoopi Goldberg made a surprise appearance at a cannabis conference to advocate for better medical marijuana access for children.

At this year’s Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition, convention got to hear from surprise guest, celebrity turned cannabis entrepreneur, Whoopi Goldberg. Whoopi, known for her medical marijuana brand Whoopi & Maya catering to women with menstrual pain, shared a few thoughts about the industry, and the regulations standing between children and the medicine they need.

Whoopi Goldberg Makes A Plea On Behalf of Children Who Depend on Cannabis

Medical marijuana is progressing, but not fast enough for Whoopi. She made a surprise appearance in front of a large audience to share her personal journey with cannabis. But much of what she had to say went beyond the personal. Whoopi Goldberg advocated on behalf of families and children who need better access to medical marijuana.

She started by debunking the overused claim that there ‘isn’t enough research’ on marijuana. “I listen to people always say ‘there’s not enough research, there’s not enough research’… these parents are doing the research for you,” Goldberg explained. “They are trying to find the thing that balances and makes their child’s life better. The research is there, it’s not anecdotal. It’s not anecdotal to them.”

Though increasing research does support medical marijuana, especially in cases of children with epilepsy, skeptics say it isn’t enough. Whoopi’s point is that parents who investigate medical marijuana solutions often yield ground-breaking results. With their children in mind, these parents are doing the medical community’s work.

She countered another cannabis myth. “No one is trying to get their kids high. They’re just trying to improve their quality of life,” Whoopi Goldberg asserted. Child Protective Services sometimes take children away from their families when their parents give then cannabis-based products, including non-psychoactive CBD. It can also happen if parents are known to take marijuana.
Whoopi Goldberg is galvanized by the threat cannabis skeptics pose to families. “It’s enraging that people have to leave everything they know because someone who has not got anything to do with their families is making decisions for them that they and their doctor should be making,” she argued. “I just think, how can this be?”

Medical Marijuana for Children Remains a Controversial Topic

Even states that have legalized medical marijuana are slow to give children the same access. Despite this, many cite cannabis as an effective and healthful alternative to traditional autism medication. Not only can it increase appetite and reduce anxiety, but cannabis one of autism’s most effective treatments according to parents nationwide.

In another example of clinical studies lagging behind parents’ research, NYU recently began studying CBDV for autism. Additionally, there are bi-coastal studies on cannabinoids and epilepsy taking place right now.

But cases of children with epilepsy (or other conditions treatable with cannabis) being taken away from their families still abound due to widespread misunderstanding. As Whoopi Goldberg says, we need better access to marijuana, even in the liberal North East.

“I just felt it was really important, you know,” Goldberg told a rapt audience. “We’re trying to really move this along in New York because, I think, here’s a way to make a child more productive. Why wouldn’t you do it? Why wouldn’t you help them?”

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