Mexican Army Seizes Over 6,000 Pounds Of Weed At Texas Border

In the never-ending battle between the military and drug cartels in Mexico, this is a small victory for the side of justice.

In today’s cartel news, the Mexican Army seizes over 6,000 pounds of weed at Texas border. No, we’re not exaggerating. Literally, over 6,000 pounds of cannabis was seized at a checkpoint near the border town of Reynosa, Mexico. The driver had hidden the marijuana within a supply of grain. The final destination was Matamoros.

The background

Cartels are organized crime group with the sole purpose of trafficking drugs. In Mexico, cartels are notorious for their efficiency, as well as the gruesome and brazen violence they inflict on their enemies. It’s so bad that they make the Mafia look like schoolyard bullies.

The country’s rampant government corruption has historically empowered the cartels.

To combat the cartels, the Mexican military has embarked on various operations in the decades-old drug war. These efforts have garnered mixed reactions and speculation from experts in corruption and drug trafficking.

What went down

To quell drug trafficking, the Mexican Army has established various checkpoints on highways. During a stop-and-search of a truck, the military officials found 6,350 pounds of cannabis hidden within a shipment of grain.

While the officers questioned the driver, he revealed that he was driving the truck, and the weed, to Matamoros. Matamoros is a city in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas. The Gulf Cartel rules Tamaulipas. They are responsible for trafficking huge amounts of drugs into Texas, as well as other states.

Final Hit: The Mexican Army Seizes Over 6,000 Pounds Of Weed At Texas Border

Although this is a significant drug seizure, it is important to remember why it occurred. The Gulf Cartel’s violence has escalated in recent months. According to some sources, there are now more frequently occurring instances of the type of violence that is typical of Mexican cartels: carjacking, extortion, kidnapping, and even executions.

The Mexican military frequently engages in stop-and-search operations as well as gun battles. While the struggle to successfully fight the cartels is difficult and dangerous, the Mexican military does achieve some victories. In addition to the seizure of over 6,000 pounds of weed, today they managed to rescue a man who the Gulf Cartel had kidnapped. The rescue occurred during a raid, which also led to the seizure of firearms, armored vans, and a hand grenade.

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