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Toronto’s First Smokeless Condo Starts Sales Before Weed Is Legal

Toronto's First Smokeless Condo Starts Sales Before Weed Is Legal


Toronto’s First Smokeless Condo Starts Sales Before Weed Is Legal

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Toronto’s First Smokeless Condo Starts Sales Before Weed Is Legal

Options for Homes is billing their new condo building The Humbler as a haven for non-smokers.

It’s official. The Canadian Senate has legalized cannabis. Now, the clock is ticking until legal cannabis sales come online across the country—likely in two or three months. And in anticipation of a spike in people consuming cannabis, many apartment complexes are hurrying to implement new rules against smoking. But one housing company is taking things a step further. It’s marketing it’s newest development as Toronto’s first smokeless condo, a haven for non-smokers before weed is even completely legal.

Condos In Canada Consider Crackdown On Smoking

Currently, Toronto doesn’t have any official regulations that prevent people from smoking in their own homes. City bylaws prohibit any smoking in “common areas” of living spaces like apartments and condos. However, there isn’t a law banning smoking inside individual units.

Of course, condo corporations and apartment owners can and often do set their own rules regarding smoking. Many already prohibit cannabis and tobacco smoking.

In residences that lack such rules, however, non-smoking residents are starting to pipe up about their worries, reports the CBC.

“In the last six months, with the onset of the cannabis legalization, we’ve had more and more clients asking us to do rules to deal with smoking,” said Audrey Loeb, a condo lawyer.

“There’s a huge demographic that doesn’t smoke and doesn’t want to be surrounded by smoke,” Loeb told the CBC. “For me, that would be a plus as a buyer.”

Looking to cash on a trend that’s moving against the grain of the anticipated 35 percent increase in cannabis consumption, one Toronto condo company is already billing itself as a place to live for those who don’t want marijuana smoke wafting into their units.

Toronto’s First Smokeless Condo Starts Sales Before Weed Is Legal

The Humber will be a 22-story tall condominium with a unique amenity among Toronto’s rapidly developing high-rises. It will be the first to explicitly market it’s living community to non-smokers who want to avoid smoke altogether.

The Humber will completely ban the smoking of tobacco and cannabis not just in common and outdoor spaces, but also in individual units.

Options for Homes, the corporation behind The Humber, is dedicated to providing a smoke-free environment. “We want to be clear from the get-go that if you’re purchasing in this building, this is the community you’re purchasing in and that these are the rules of engagement,” said Options for Homes CEO Heather Tremain.

The company says they’ve already received interest from prospective buyers attracted by the strict policy. 75 percent of the 800 people the company surveyed said they’d be more drawn to buy a unit in a smokeless building.

The Humber Will Still Allow Vaping

So many industries, even the ones most ancillary to the cannabis industry, are trying to take advantage of the massive consumer spending legal marijuana will generate.

The Humber is doing the same. But instead of catering to the cannabis industry, they’re going after those who want to keep their distance. At least, that is, where they live.

But lest anyone worry Options for Homes is discriminating against cannabis users now protected by Canadian law, The Humber will still allow residents to vape cannabis. So weed users can still live there, but it may be time to invest in some new tech.

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