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Weed Smokers Wanted! Researchers Seek 25,000 People For Study

Weed Smokers Wanted! Researchers Seek 25,000 For Study


Weed Smokers Wanted! Researchers Seek 25,000 People For Study

Germany could soon become a weed smoker’s paradise. Researchers are looking for volunteers to smoke weed as part of a study on recreational cannabis. The best part: they are giving away free weed.

Researchers Want To Give You Free Weed

Weed Smokers Wanted! Researchers Seek 25,000 For Study

The project is part of The Research Initiative on Cannabis Consumption. The goal is to learn more about the effects of long-term cannabis use. Last month, the research group turned in an application to Germany’s Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices.

Researchers will need 25,000 volunteers to smoke weed. They will give each volunteer 30 grams of cannabis every month. Researchers will then monitor how volunteers consume their weed. They hope to gather enough data to better understand how recreational weed affects people.

The study has not been officially approved yet. But more than 2,000 weed smokers have already volunteered. People younger than 18 will not be allowed to join the project. Neither will first-time cannabis users. Similarly, researchers will not allow adults at high risk of addiction or with serious psychiatric problems to participate.

But for weed smokers who qualify and who can get on the list quick enough, this project could be a once in a lifetime opportunity to score some free weed.

Advancing Cannabis Research

Weed Smokers Wanted! Researchers Seek 25,000 For Study

Germany has made important changes to its medical marijuana laws. Earlier this year, the country legalized medical cannabis for a wide range of patients. Doctors now have greater freedom to prescribe cannabis to patients.

Before these changes, Germany allowed only around 1,000 patients to use medical cannabis. Now, that number is expected to grow. Despite all this, recreational weed remains illegal. But researchers involved with this project said it’s important to understand all forms of cannabis use.

They want to learn more about medical and recreational use. That’s where this new study comes in. “With the law implemented in March changing controlled substance regulations, the German parliament took on a new risk assessment of cannabis,” said Marko Dörre, chief executive of the research project.

“In Germany, several million people regularly get high on cannabis. It is time that science becomes more engaged with recreational use.”

The Final Hit

Weed Smokers Wanted! Researchers Seek 25,000 For Study

There are a couple reasons why this study could be important. For one, it’s another step in Germany’s changing attitudes toward cannabis. The country has already made medical marijuana available to more patients. And if this study gets approved, it will help scientists learn more about weed.

Beyond that, it is also a weed smoker’s dream come true. If you want free weed, head to Germany and sign up for this study. You’ll be doing your duty to science and to weed.

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