The World’s First Portable Fingerprint Drug Test Is Coming To Italy

It's faster, cheaper and more reliable than any other test on the market. Here's what to expect from drug tests starting this summer.

Intelligent Fingerprinting/Youtube

Testing whether someone is under the influence of marijuana has been difficult if not impossible, until now. This week, the world’s first fingerprint drug test is coming to Italy. It’s the only portable drug testing device on the market that can detect whether someone is high on cocaine, methamphetamine, opioids or marijuana in minutes.

This Drug Test Will Sample Your Sweat

Intelligent Fingerprinting/Youtube

Produced by British company Intelligent Fingerprinting, the Drug Screening System tests the sweat from your fingerprint. First, a small cartridge (pictured above) takes a sample of sweat. It’s a totally painless and quick process, like scanning your fingerprint.

Next, the cartridge is inserted into an analysis unit, which detects four different categories of drugs in minutes. For now, fingerprint drug testing only works for cocaine, amphetamine, marijuana and opiates. Intelligent Fingerprinting is working on more advanced screening systems for other substances.

Dr. Paul Yates, Business Development Director, explained some of the specifics in an informational video. “When someone ingests something,” he said, “their body digests or metabolizes what they’ve ingested to produce secondary chemicals called metabolites.” The fingerprint drug test can recognize these metabolites almost instantly.

The Best Drug Test on the Market

Intelligent Fingerprinting/Youtube

Intelligent Fingerprinting lauds its portable fingerprint drug test as cost-effective and accurate. Other bodily fluid samples require returning to a lab, which takes time and resources. By comparison, this fingerprint drug test is portable and takes only minutes to get a positive or negative response.

There has also been a lot of controversy surrounding preexisting drug tests. Police officers often test saliva and blood for weed. Since THC can stay in your system for weeks, people who are not stoned, but have ingested marijuana in the recent past, can wind up with a DUID (Driving Under the Influence of Drugs) charge.

“Our fingerprint drug screening system is revolutionary simply because it’s so easy to use,” explained CEO Jerry Walker.

Fingerprint Drug Testing Will Be Available This Summer

Intelligent Fingerprinting/Youtube

Intelligent Fingerprinting’s official launch date is June 8th in Italy, according to Business Wire. Italian drug testing company Di.RA.LAB is holding a conference to explain the device to police officers and rehabilitation workers.

There is no word on who will have access to portable fingerprint drug tests yet, but Intelligent Fingerprinting has big plans. They also see it as a useful tool for the workplace, army and for determining cause of death. However, its first applications will be roadside and rehab screenings.

One of the major road bumps when it comes to legalizing marijuana is a lack of accurate testing. Now, Fingerprint drug testing is a viable option to having law enforcement subjectively decide who is high and who is not.

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