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You Can Now Make Any Drink A THC Cocktail Thanks To This Powder

You Can Now Make Any Drink A THC Cocktail Thanks To Potshotz


You Can Now Make Any Drink A THC Cocktail Thanks To This Powder


Long Story Short

You can turn literally any drink into a heavy hitting THC cocktail thanks to an innovative new cannabis product called Potshotz. Potshotz is a cannabis powder that carries 10 milligrams of THC per dose. The powder has been designed to dissolve into pretty much any liquid. That means that all you have to do to turn your favorite drink into a killer cannabis infused beverage is add a dose of Potshotz and let it dissolve.

You Can Now Make Any Drink A THC Cocktail Thanks To PotShotzr

The Details

Potshotz is the brainchild of mad culinary geniuses Tom Williams and Greg Walters. Together, the two founded the Seattle-based company Prohibition Gold.

Williams and Walters originally teamed up to create a line of Bourbon infused foods. But they eventually turned their focus to cannabis edibles. That’s when they come up with the idea of creating a dissolvable powder of concentrated THC.

“This isn’t what comes to mind when you think about marijuana,” said Williams. “It looks different and creates an entirely new product category for marijuana. It’s such a convenient, easy-to-use powdered mixer.”

According to a press release published recently by the company, it sounds like the duo’s background of working with food has come in handy. Williams and Walters said they tried to create a cannabis powder that would taste good with a huge variety of other foods and drinks.

“We worked hard to simplify our recipe, so it blends well with other flavors,” Williams said. “It really creates almost unlimited possibilities for anyone who enjoys marijuana.”

Along with Potshotz, Prohibition Gold has plans to release other lines of cannabis powders. Topshotz is designed specifically for food and ZZZshotz is designed for using at night before bed.

Drinking Cannabis vs. Smoking Cannabis

Since Potshotz is an edible—or more precisely a drinkable—form of cannabis, you should plan on the delayed high that usually comes from ingesting THC. Instead of the immediate high, you get from smoking, you’ll need to wait for 30 to 45 minutes for the effects of Potshotz to set in.

But the good news is that eating or drinking cannabis gives a lot of people a more powerful, longer lasting high than smoking does. When you eat or drink cannabis you get a more powerful high because the THC passes through both your liver and your bloodstream, essentially giving you a high both times. But when you smoke it, the THC goes straight to your bloodstream, and you only get that single high.

You Can Now Make Any Drink A THC Cocktail Thanks To PotShotzr


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