10 Best Torches For Dabbing Cannabis Concentrates

Here's our list of the best torches for dabbing. Whatever your specific needs or preferences, these torches will make you a happy dabber.

So you want to know the best torches for dabbing cannabis concentrates? The best dab torch should heat nails quickly, have a long life span, and have the fewest issues. If you’re an on-the-go dabber, you’ll want a more portable torch, but if you are dabbing strictly at home, you can go for a larger, more powerful torch. Whatever your preferences, check out our list of the best torches for dabbing.

10. SE MT3001

If you’re planning on being mobile with your torch, we recommend the SE MT3001.

The Price


The Good

You should still be able to get about the same dab as you would with a bigger torch. The torch is smaller than the others on this list, so it will be easier to carry with you.

The Bad

Because of the smaller size and smaller flame, you’re going to have to heat the nail for a longer period of time. If that’s not a big deal to you, this is one of the best torches for dabbing cannabis concentrates.


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